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Can identical twins have different colour eyes?

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I have identical twins. One of my sons has blue eyes and the other has one blue and one blue/brown eye. It's called "sectoral heterchromina", possibly caused by a genetic mutation or virus that occured whilst they were in the womb. So it is possible for monozygotic twins to have different colour eyes. .

2009-06-06 17:26:32
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Do identical twins have the same eyes?

yes they do

Do unidentical twins have the same eye colour?

ihave never known of a case where any kind of twins have different colored eyes, so yes i think they always have the same color eyes

If twin femals have different color eyes is it possible that they are identical?

yes they can because there twins they may not be the same in the eyes but there same all over there body. by RaeAnne Downs

Are the Olsen twins identical twins?

No, they are ferternal. They have different colored eyes and one used to be shorter then the other. If you get any of their old movies you can tell. Mary-Kate usually has shorter hair then ashley, but that doesn't make them ferternal.

What colour are Willow Shields eyes?

Both of her eyes are light brown. However it looks like the left has a slightly darker iris, meaning she had mild heterochromia (different coloured eyes). This is a common condition in twins, and she has a twin sister.

What does the term homozygous mean?

homozygous is a word used to describe when a cell has two identical copies of a gene different varieties of a gene are called alleles (e.g blue eyes allele, brown eyes allele both are genes give eyes a colour but the colour they give is different If a person were to inherit two alleles for brown eyes, i.e one from each parent then they would be Homozygous for brown eyes i.e one from each parent. on blue one brown they would be Heterozygous for eye colour.

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It is possible

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Doubtful. The amount of melanin in the eye, which causes the eyes color, will probably be different.

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The cells will decide that. Two of the cells (different colour) will be in the baby, and there will be one boss. The colour of boss is what baby's eye colour is. But other colour will not disappear.

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what colour eyes do lizards have

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Can blue eyes and blue eyes make a brown eyed baby?

Yes, since the parents of the blue eyes could have had brown and blue or a different colour, so then the trait would be carried on. Brown is dominant, that's why it is the most popular colour.