What color eyes do Italian people have?

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Everybody is different, not everybody has the same eye colour
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Can blind people have colored eyes?

yes they can i have a friend who i blind in one eye but their eyes usaly have color. but their pupils are blured out but not missing.

How do people get their eye color?

It all depends on your genes. If both of your parents have brown eyes, and have a recessive trait for blue, then you have a 25% chance for having blue eyes, 25% for having bro

Why do people have different eye colors?

The iris give the eye its color. The pigment is called Melanin. If there are large amount of Melanin present, the color of the eye would be black, brown or hazel & small amoun

What color are the Italian people?

A range of colors may be found among the Italian people. But generally, the people of the north tend to show lighter colored complexions. Just as generally, the people of

Can people have bi colored eyes?

Yes, people can have a two colored eye or eyes. for example I have grey eyes but my left eye is half brown.
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What are 8 hair and eye colors in Italian?

To say hair... i capelli . To say eyes... gli occhi. colours... verdi green. \n\n bruni brown. \n\n neri black. \n\n biondi blonde. \n\n azzurri blue. \n\n rossicci gin
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What color of eyes do Italian people have?

The most common eye colour is brown, because of ancient intermixing with peolpe of north africa and the middle east. there is higher frequency of lighter hair and eyes in nort