Can iguana eat chilli

Updated: 11/14/2022
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My iguana loves raw chillies and green olives!

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Q: Can iguana eat chilli
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What is the chilli challenge?

you eat the hottest chilli ever and try swallow it

What do inquana eat?

look up green society or iguana food and it will tell you any thing a iguana can eat

What do Iguana iguana eat?

veggies green veggies my iggy poo loves them

What iguana eat?


What type of fruits a parrot eat?


What does a Fiji Island Banded Iguana eat?

an iguana may eat all types of things most will eat all fruits and vegtables and meat which is most of there diet

Are Iguana iguana herbivores?

Rhinoceros iguanas are omnivores. They eat primarily parts of plants, but also eat insects, small lizards and snakes.

Will my iguana try to eat my German shepherd?

I've had an iguana, he didn't like men, is this a common thing?

Does a iguana eat turtles?

nothey eat nerrisa mae librea

What does saucers bugs eat?

Mexican sauces with chilli

Who made the first chilli to eat?

Philip Carlton :-)

Can a iguana eat watermelon?

they eat vegetables and can a little bits of fruits , so watermelon should not hurt your iguana ^-^ don't worry