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Benefits may be payable if the insured commits suicide, but it depends upon the terms of the policy. Because the contract terms govern the conditions upon which the insurer is obliged to pay, the beneficiaries have no greater rights to payment than those set forth in the policy, and are subject to all conditions of payment.

One of the provisions that often is contained in a life insurance policy is that death by suicide is covered once the policy has been in force for a stated number of years, often two. Again, the terms of the policy govern provided that those terms are in accord with governing State law on the subject.

Another issue to consider is that a beneficiary will not be permitted to benefit from the death of another if that beneficiary is complicit in the death. Therefore, if a hypothetical beneficiary takes such action as to in effect force the insured to commit suicide, and it can be proven, he/she is not likely to be able to recover proceeds from the policy.

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Q: Can insurance be paid to beneficiaries in the case of suicide?
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What if the executor doesn't pay the beneficiaries of a life insurance policy?

The proceeds of a life insurance policy are paid directly to the beneficiaries without going into the estate of the person. The only way that life insurance proceeds become part of an estate is if the the beneficiary is listed as "Estate of the Insured". In this case any expenses of the estate are to be paid out before the heirs receive a share. If there are beneficiaries on the policy, the life insurance company will pay the beneficiaries directly.

Who receives life insurance money if no benificiary is named?

If no beneficiaries are named on a life insurance policy, or all named beneficiaries are deceased, then benefits will be paid to the insured's estate.

Can you use a certificate of marriage to collect on life insurance?

A certificate of marriage is not required to collect on life insurance. Life insurance proceeds will be paid only to the named beneficiary/beneficiaries on the policy. If all beneficiaries are deceased, then the benefit will be paid to the deceased insured's estate.

My sister may have collected on a life insurance policy that listed us both as beneficiaries what can i do?

Sue her and the life insurance company that paid her.

What happens if all beneficiaries of a life insurance did not get paid?

Usually the insurance company takes extreme care to locate and pay beneficiaries who are listed by the decedent. If they cannot find a person, then the money is held until they can. You could contact the insurance board, but first check to be sure that the person who did not get paid was actually a beneficiary.

What is Florida law regarding life insurance claims relating to suicide?

Most insurance compnaies have a 2 year suicide clause. Death by suicide after that period, the claim would be paid.

Life insurance suicide?

Most life insurance policies have a two year suicide clause that states that the policy will not pay for death by suicide if it occurs within 24 months from the date the application was issued. Death benefits will be paid if it is after that time period. If the suicide occurs during the suicide clause the insurance company will return the premium paid in full plus interest.

'in death how much is paid if individual has several whole life insurance policies'?

The amount that is paid by whole life insurance is the face value of each policy. It would be paid to the beneficiaries listed by the owner upon his/her death.

How do you find out if a life insurance policy was paid out?

How do I get information on a pay out on my fathers insurance policy made on July 2012, where all 5 siblings were named beneficiaries .

What exactly is a life insurance company?

A live insurance company is a company that holds a "life insurance" policy on a person. The policy is taken out by a person and fees are paid. And, if for some reason the person's life ends, the policy is paid out to the beneficiaries as long as the death was not done on purpose.

What is the difference between annuity life and whole life insurance?

1. annuity is paid till a person passes away whereas life insurance is paid after a person passes away to the beneficiaries 2. annuity is paid as periodic installments whereas life insurance is paid as lump-sum. 3. annuity support future income requirement. life insurance support the need of beneficiaries. 4. annuity is a retirement planning tool whereas life insurance is a product providing inheritance. 5. annuity pays back total value + gains earned. life insurance may provide benefit multiple times larger than premium paid ZEBA

Can the debtor of a beneficiary have IRS seize the money paid to beneficiary from a family members life insurance?

Yes, the debts must be paid before the estate is divided up between beneficiaries.

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