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Can insurance be paid to beneficiaries in the case of suicide?

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2010-07-13 12:25:55

Benefits may be payable if the insured commits suicide, but it

depends upon the terms of the policy. Because the contract terms

govern the conditions upon which the insurer is obliged to pay, the

beneficiaries have no greater rights to payment than those set

forth in the policy, and are subject to all conditions of


One of the provisions that often is contained in a life

insurance policy is that death by suicide is covered once the

policy has been in force for a stated number of years, often two.

Again, the terms of the policy govern provided that those terms are

in accord with governing State law on the subject.

Another issue to consider is that a beneficiary will not be

permitted to benefit from the death of another if that beneficiary

is complicit in the death. Therefore, if a hypothetical beneficiary

takes such action as to in effect force the insured to commit

suicide, and it can be proven, he/she is not likely to be able to

recover proceeds from the policy.

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