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Can insurance company drop you if file act of god claim?

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No, Your homeowners insurance will cover losses due to an "Act of Nature" if you have an extended coverage policy.

For a claim caused by an "Act of God" you'll have to rely on prayer.

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That's not very likely. The insurance company does not file your claim, they accept your claim notice from you. You have to file your claim with the company, not the other way around.

They should not drop you before a claim is settled. If they have contact your state department of insurance and file a complaint.

No, they will file a claim with their insurance company and their company will talk to your company. Assuming you swapped insurance details.

You have 10 days to file a claim with your insurance company.

An insurance company cannot drop you in the middle of a claim. The state department of insurance sets standards for how long it takes for the insurance company to respond to a claim, and to issue payment once damage is verified. If they have stopped contact with you and have not given you a reason I would contact your state department of insurance and file a complaint.

Unless you present a fraudulent claim, it is illegal for any Insurance co to drop you because you file a claim.

You do. You can always file a claim. The insurance company may not honor the claim and may reject it, but they can't stop you from filing one.

Your equity loan has no bearing on your ability to file a claim. You just call the insurance company and report the loss.

You will have to check your home owner's policy. It is a contract that you have with the insurance company and will specify how long you have to file a claim.

If your lien holder repo's your vehicle, they can file a claim against your insurance for damage to the vehicle. The repo company itself would have no claim, because it's not their vehicle.

no you dont. if you do not with to file a claim you do not have to report it no you dont. if you do not with to file a claim you do not have to report it

You should file your car insurance claim with Geico within 24 hours. You should always call your insurance company as soon as you possibly can.

Just file a claim with the other parties insurance company. You called the police and got an accident report, right?

The time limit to file for an insurance claim in Illinois depends on the type of claim it is, such as house or car. Typically you have one year form the date of the incident to file. Your insurance company may set different limits.

If the other party is refusing to call their insurance company - then you should call their insurance company and file the claim.

Yes, usually your first option is to file a claim with your states insurance department.

You cannot go behind someone's back and file a claim on their insurance. If it is a major injury you can file suit and they will have to provide it to their insurance company so that the insurance company will defend them or settle the claim. This is to force the issue.

If your Insurance Co. is well equipped with the system, you can submit claim on line. Even in the negative, the intimation of claim can always be filed to the Insurance Company on line.

It really depends on your insurance company and how they want you to file a claim. Most companies have you call the claim in on the phone. Call your insurance agent to ask.

You can file a claim against your insurance company for an action caused by another person with no insurance if you are covered for such an occurance. An example would be if you had uninsured motorist coverage and were hit by someone without auto insurance. However if you want to file a 'claim' against the person directly who has no insurance there is no one to file the claim against. The only alternative here is to sue the person in court.

One can file a claim with Affirmative Insurance by going on the official Affirmative Insurance website. Then one can press the button 'Submit A Claim' to file a claim.

Most companies do not require you to report the accident to your own insurance company, but if you later find out the person did not have valid insurance or the other insurance company refuses to pay and then you later have to file a claim on your policy, it will slow down the claim process. Plus, each state has a statute on the time limit you have to file a claim and want it to be covered.

Yes and no. Insurance companies do not raise your rate because you filed a claim (this only applies to "Act of God" claims). Any claim related to weather like hail, wind, flood, tornado, etc. It's called a pooling effect, so if X# of people file a claim in your area everyone's rates go up whether you file a claim or not. Insurance companies do not raise your rate just because you filed a claim. Now, they can drop you for any reason they want, but are not likely to drop you because of an Act of God claim. If they drop you because you filed an Act of God claim, then you should definitely find a new insurance company.

Yes, you can file a suit again your own insurance company. If you do file suit against them, they may drop you.

file with your insurance company and they will deal with your neighbors insurance policy.