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YES, they can be taken BUT NOT kept. ALL PP belongs to the debtor and the DEBTOR will have to redeem it.

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Q: Can jointly owned personal property and assets be taken if the repo car was only under the spouse?
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How does child support obligation affect a spouse?

The spouse is not responsible for his/her spouse's child(ren). However, the State can and will intercept tax refunds and place liens on personal and real property to collect unpaid support, even if those assets are jointly held.

Is an estate accounting required even if assets were held in joint tenancy and spouse is only heir?

If all property was jointly owned then ownership automatically passed to the surviving spouse. There is no need to open an estate proceeding.

When one spouse dies what happens to jointly owned property?

The surviving spouse becomes the sole owner.

Do spouses have power of attorney in Montana?

Your spouse can probably deal with any property the two of you own jointly, but simply being your spouse does not give your spouse the ability to deal with assets titled solely in your own name, contrary to popular belief and "urban legend."

Can a spouse sell any personal property while they are separated?

If the property rightfully belongs to the spouse, then yes they can sell it. If they do not rightfully own the property, then they cannot legally sell the personal property.

When one spouse has a judgment enter on them can they levy property that is jointly owned by the other spouse?

In Michigan can jointly owned real estate by used to satisfy a judgement against one of the joint owners?

Can a deceased persons spouse sell a jointly owned vehicle without the executor of the will being inovolved?

Yes. Any jointly owned assets do not form part of the deceaseds estate. The assets therefore belongs to the joint owner. This would be true even if the assets was a house.

How long do you to be married jointly owned property?

You do not necessarily have to be married to own jointly owned property and even when an individual is married for 60 years he could still keep property separate from his spouse. Property is considered jointly owned if you purchased it together (each contributing), your name is on the property, or in some situations when you are married and you have substantially contributed to the property. If your spouse has kept the property separate by keeping it in his name, only putting his money into it then it will be considered separate.

Is the deceaseds spouse responsible for debts not in their name?

They might be. Anything jointly owned would normally become sole property of the spouse, but, is still part of the deceased's estate. After taking appropriate legal steps for example, a creditor could force the sale of a jointly owned property, splitting the money with the spouse to start paying off the deceased's debts. If all the deceased's assets are liquidated, and it is not enough to pay off the debt though, then the spouse is not responsible for that part, that debt will then have to be written off.

Is a spouse responsible for the other spouse medical bills?

Yes, even if indirectly. If they are still living, yes, they are jointly responsible. Since they are married, any benefit to one is considered a benefit to the other. If the spouse has passed away, the estate is responsible for the medical bills of the deceased. And since the spouse is normally the recipient of the estate, the bills will affect how much the spouse will inherit. Some of the assets, such as property held as Tenants in the Entirety, becomes the property of the spouse. Other assets may have to be liquidated to pay the bills, including medical expenses and funeral costs.

Why would a spouse be considered a secondary owner of real estate property?

Either because they jointly participated in the purchase or jointly obtained a loan on the home, or because the home is located in a community property state.

Can jointly owned property be willed to spouse with stipulations?

Property held in a joint tenancy automatically passes to the surviving owner. You cannot attach stipulations to it.

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