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Can jointly owned personal property and assets be taken if the repo car was only under the spouse?


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2015-07-15 18:46:34
2015-07-15 18:46:34

YES, they can be taken BUT NOT kept. ALL PP belongs to the debtor and the DEBTOR will have to redeem it.


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The spouse is not responsible for his/her spouse's child(ren). However, the State can and will intercept tax refunds and place liens on personal and real property to collect unpaid support, even if those assets are jointly held.

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If all property was jointly owned then ownership automatically passed to the surviving spouse. There is no need to open an estate proceeding.

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The surviving spouse becomes the sole owner.

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Your spouse can probably deal with any property the two of you own jointly, but simply being your spouse does not give your spouse the ability to deal with assets titled solely in your own name, contrary to popular belief and "urban legend."

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If the property rightfully belongs to the spouse, then yes they can sell it. If they do not rightfully own the property, then they cannot legally sell the personal property.

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