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Q: Can ketoconazole ointment be used to treat hair dye allergy?
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What would cause the hair lose around your dogs eye and how can you treat it?

the glads in the eye's and to slove ointment,drip's and lotion

How do you treat a chemical burn from hair lip removal?

You can treat the chemical burn from upper lip by washing it with cold water do not use any soap, apply antibiotic ointment to prevent infection then apply with analgesic gel to help with pain and inflammation.

How do you treat hair dye allergy?

I know where your coming from on this one; I have sensitive skin, which is a pain as I can only wear certain brands of makeup, and use certain brands and types of soap.My advise is to stop dying your hair, or try to find one or two dyes which don't spark off the allergy. There isn't really anything else you can do.

Can you be allergic to hair dye?

Yes, you can have an allergy or sensitivity to hair dye.

Perfumed ointment - a fragrant unguent for the hair?


Are bumps all over a dog a rash or an allergy if there is no hair loss but some scabs and flaking?


Is hair dye allergy curable?

ask a doctor

Why do dogs drop hair?

allergy to dog food

How do you get ointment out of hair?

baking soda mixed with shampoo! works perfectly!

What is pomade?

A pomade is a dressing for hair; a perfumed oil or ointment used to make hair look smooth and shiny.

Does fluocinonide treat thinning hair?

i got some fluocionide to treat my spot in my hair can i get some without a Rx

What is it called when a dog loses hair and scratches a lot but does not have fleas?


Is there a non allergy hair spray?

yes, you can buy it at great clips

What is Monica in Friend's allergy?

Monica in Friends is allergic to cat hair.

Do you have to do an allergy test if hair dye isn't touching your roots?

no you dont

How do you treat white hair?

You will have to color your hair.

How can you treat head sores in black kids hair?

One thing you could do is make sure the hair is clean and grease-free. Hair grease can clog the pores and trap bacteria. Then I think I would clean the sores with alcohol or peroxide and then apply some antibacterial ointment. If the sores don't turn to scabs and heal within a few days, I'd take the children to the doctor.

Should you perm your hair while using this?

yes i would like to know while im using ketoconazole 2% shampoo should i perm my jair

What is used in a and d ointment that makes your hair grow?

Cod Liver Oil which contains Vitamins A and D.

How do you treat dogs hair loss around eyes?

treat, i take them to bath... and make sure that the eyes will not have a hair

What dogs hair is hypoallergenic?

The Chihuahua is supposed to be good for asthma and allergy sufferers

What is an effective treatment for ringworm of the scalp?

Any topical antifungal will do the trick and since ketoconazole comes as a shampoo, this is a logical choice for your scalp. Assuming you've got hair right?

In kerala where you can get the hair dye named kakka herbal dye having no allergy?

For Kaca hair dye - call +919495444999

How do you dye hair if allergy occur?

If your getting allergies from the hair dye then should find out whats causing it. Then find another hair dye that doesn't have whatever your allergenic to. Then you can dye your hair with no allergies!!!

Is it possible to treat hair loss?

If you treat it early it is possible, but ones you loose your roots nothing at all will help in growing your hair again.