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Lemongrass should not be used in pregnancy because of uterine and menstrual flow stimulation.

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Is lemon grass oil edible?

When you grow the lemon grass, yes. Lemon grass oil that comes in cans I would not ..NOT... consume because it has been processed and cleaned et cetera with various chemicals.

Can lemon grass oil be a fruit preservative?


Does citronella oil comes from lemon grass?

No, citronella oil is extracted from Citronella grass(Cymbopogon nordus , Cymbopogon winterianus etc.) Lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus ,Cymbopogon flexuosus etc.) gives lemon grass oil. Both the types of plants are very much similar. Lemon grass is about 1 m tall while the other is about 2 m. The Pseudo stem of lemon grass is green while the other's is red. Both the types of the oils are almost same in utility. However lemon grass is widely used in food preparation. The smell of the both are different.

Fragrant oil from lemon grass used in perfume?


What is the name of tikhadi ka tel in english?

Oil of Cymbopogon, Lemon-grass oil

Is lemongrass a tree?

Lemon Grass is a type of bush-like grass which one can find in Kerala, India. It is a cattle feed too. Through distillation process oil is extracted from lemon grass and this oil is used as repellent and has high medicinal values.

What is lemon grass ointment for?

An ointment or liniment made with oil from Lemon Grass (Andropogon citratus) is used topically in the treatment of lumbago, rheumatism, neuralgia, sprains or other similar pain.

What smells keep bees away?

It is said that lemon scented Pledge will keep bees away from you as well as lemon grass essential oil.

A fragrant essential oil derived from the stems and leaves of lemon grass used in perfumery and as an insect repellent?


What are some natural remedies for arthritis?

Lemon grass oil used during a massage is a good remedy for arthritis.

What is cymbopogon citrates?

Cymbopogon citratus is commonly known as lemon grass or oil grass. It is an edible plant from Southeast Asia used in a wide variety of Asian dishes.

Is lemon or orange oil better as a wood polish?

lemon oil

Can I use lemongrass oil around my horses water?

no, lemon grass and it's oils are listed as toxic to horses and should not be ingested.

What is lemon grass ointment used for?

Lemon grass oil has long been utilised in folk medicine as a pain reliever. Today it is used to make an ointment which is recommended for backache, rheumatism, sprains, muscular pains, joint problems and as a soothing application during massage.

How do you extract lemon oil at home?

You can make your own Lemon Oil from home by infusing Olive Oil with lemon or you can do what I do and just use lemon zest. It gives it a better flavor. 1 Teaspoon of Zest = 1/8 teaspoon Lemon Oil

Is lemon oil good for bike tires?

yes because lemon oil is like normal oil

What are some common smells cats hate?

Peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, lavender, garlic, eucaylptus oil, lemon grass, crap, pee, and chicken.The most common is any kind of citrus fruit oil.

How do you make lemon oil polish?

Lemon Oil DusterMost commercial lemon oil is not all natural, but may contain petroleum distillates. Contact herbalists for pure sources of lemon oil. Traditionally, lemon oil has been used for furniture because it is so lubricating and antiseptic.10 drops lemon oil2 tablespoons lemon juiceA few drops olive oil or jojobaDip a soft recycled cloth, such as one of flannel, in the lemon oil mixture, and wipe furniture.

Can you substitute lemon essential oil for lemon extract and how?

Lemon Essential Oil is not edible. Lemon Oil is edible and is sold in cooking stores and specialty grocery stores.1/8 tsp lemon oil = 1 tsp lemon extract = 1 tsp lemon zestHappy cooking!You can get food grade essential oil. One company I know for sure is Young Living. I am not sure what the conversion for juice to oil would be though. trying to figure that out myself.

Does lemon Ajax contain lemon zest or lemon juice?

No, most cleaners use lemon oil which is the substance in lemon zest.

What is lemon extract?

Lemon extract is a concentrated oil taken from the peels of lemons, but it can also be synthetically manufactured. It's used in many cooking recips and home health products for its smell and astringent qualities.

How do you get rid of mosquito?

Put a few drops of Lemon Grass essential oil and some water into an oil burner. The mosquitoes don't like it for some reason, so they stay away. It smells good too!

Can lemon melt Styrofoam?

yes, the lemon oil will melt Styrofoam

How do you make insecticide - lemon grass napthalene ginger?

Insecticides have active and inert ingredients. It is the active ingredient that ultimately makes the insecticide work. Ginger oil can be made by collecting the drops from steaming the ginger root. But it is a skin irritant. And so the end product must be hugely diluted. The oil ends up accounting for less than 1% of the product. Lemon grass oil is not an active ingredient. Naphthalene is the active ingredient in moth balls.

Does Bermuda grass absorb oil?

Yes depending on the oil. The grass wil die if the oil is spilled on the grss