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"lighting" can not cause cracks

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Can lighting cause a crack in a swimming pool

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Q: Can lighting cause a crack in a swimming pool?
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Can I fix a crack in my swimming pool myself?

While it is possible to fix a crack in your swimming pool yourself, it is not recommended. Some jobs call fo the work of a professional and this is one of them.

Where is the lighting dim on club penguin?

THE swimming pool under the NIGHTCLUB.

Leaving swimming pool empty in summer harmful to the structure of the pool?

Yes, plaster will dry out and crack.

Can a leaking swimming pool cause a sinkhole?

It would cause excessive mud and the swimming pool would sink slightly. It would only cause a sinkhole if there was a hole underground under the pool.

If you were swimming and lighting struck a swimming pool would you be electrocuted?

It is possible. The places where that could occur would be in an outdoor pool that has exposed metal or in an indoor pool with a glass door, window or ceiling.

When installing swimming pool lights where do you place them for best effect?

State and local codes dictate location of pool lighting.

Can lighting cause the bottom of a pool to split?

Hmm, that's a good one. Did you witness this? Most likely the crack was or is caused by earth movement like an earthquake. Re reading this question -- you must mean lightning not lighting.

Should a swimming pool crack?

A crack in your swimming pool indicates a structural defect. Contact the pool manufacturer - your pool may still be under warranty, meaning you could get it repaired or replaced for free. If the pool is not under warranty, contact a pool repair specialist; you may want to get estimates from three or four people before you hire someone to make repairs.

Can over chlorinating your swimming pool cause stains?


Can chlorine in a swimming pool cause hair loss?


Why is a swimming pool deeper than it appears?

cause your an idiot

Will a chlorine burn on the pool liner cause the liner to crack?


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