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Can lighting cause the bottom of a pool to split?


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2007-09-03 00:31:08
2007-09-03 00:31:08

Hmm, that's a good one. Did you witness this? Most likely the crack was or is caused by earth movement like an earthquake. Re reading this question -- you must mean lightning not lighting.


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"lighting" can not cause cracks

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No. During a water polo match, touching the bottom of the pool is considered a foul, and will be called as such. The term used is: "Off the bottom." This will cause the team to lose the ball and cause a turn-over.

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A layer of white residue on the bottom of a pool could be the result of many things. Calcium deposits may be the most likely cause.

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If you are referring to underwater lighting you must install the pool first but before you install the water.

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