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Hmm, that's a good one. Did you witness this? Most likely the crack was or is caused by earth movement like an earthquake. Re reading this question -- you must mean lightning not lighting.

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Q: Can lighting cause the bottom of a pool to split?
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Can lighting cause a crack in a swimming pool?

"lighting" can not cause cracks

What can cause a pink stain on the bottom of your small vinyl pool?

leaves sitting at the bottom of the pool

Are players allowed to touch the bottom of the pool during a water polo match?

No. During a water polo match, touching the bottom of the pool is considered a foul, and will be called as such. The term used is: "Off the bottom." This will cause the team to lose the ball and cause a turn-over.

White chalky residue on bottom of pool?

A layer of white residue on the bottom of a pool could be the result of many things. Calcium deposits may be the most likely cause.

Can you install lighting after a inground pool is installed?

If you are referring to underwater lighting you must install the pool first but before you install the water.

Why do lifeguards sit on a very tall seats?

So that they can see out far into the ocean. And in a pool- so that the glare of sunlight or lighting is reduced on the surface which enables lifeguards to see to he bottom of the pool. The standard height is 2 metres of the ground.

Can you swim during a lighting storm in an inside pool?

no you can not

What would cause a lump at the bottom of a fiberglass pool?

The most likely cause is hydrostatic pressure from underground water. This can be a very dangerous problem for the pool and I would contact the installer immediately for an onsite consultation. If it is hydrostatic pressure and is not relieved, the pool can be permanently damaged.

Where is the coldest water in a swimmming pool?

At the bottom of the pool.

How do you clean green algae of the bottom of a pool?

you clean green algae off the bottom of the pool putting some chlorine in it and that should take care of it but if it doesn't then you should clean the bottom of the pool and do some scrubbing with your pool vacuum.

Do you need to clean filter at bottom of pool?

There is no filter at the bottom of a pool. Perhaps you are looking at the hydrostatic valve which is there in case your pool is emptied and Will make sure that the pool wont float in ground water.

How do you split a 50 meter pool in half?

You have to place a boom half way through the pool.

Where is the lighting dim on club penguin?

THE swimming pool under the NIGHTCLUB.

Where can i buy the bottom track for a swimming pool?

mejers,pool supplias

How close to a house can you build a pool?

The distance from the bottom of the pool to the bottom of the house footing is based on a 45 degree line from the bottom of pool to the bottom of the house footing. Basically if the pool is 3'-0" deep you must stay 3'-0" from the house. If the pool is 6'-0" deep you must stay 6'-0" back. Call your building department to verify.

When installing swimming pool lights where do you place them for best effect?

State and local codes dictate location of pool lighting.

How do you clean dirt off the bottom of the pool?

You can use a pool vacuum to clean dirt off the bottom of a pool. A pool vacuum clear is designed to be connected to a water source or it can be connected to your pool's circulation system.

What is the area of the bottom of a pool with radius of 9 feet?

Bottom of the pool is circular in shape and its radius is 9 feet. Thus area of bottom of pool = pi x r2 = 3.14159265 x 92 = 254.469005 sq. feet

How do you get the film up off the bottom of the pool?

If there is a film laying on the bottom of the pool it is most likely that the pool has clarifier or floculant put in it. If so let the pool settle for a day or two until all of the clarifier and contaminant has settled to the bottom then turn the filter to waste and gently vacuum the cloudy material on the bottom of the pool to waste do not put floculant through the filtration vac it to waste.

Can you jump in a pool while pregnant?

yes, you can, but u have to expect maximum twins, cause more babies would take u to bottom.

How would you floor of the swimming pool appear from the top of the pool?

same as the bottom

How can you clean the calcium from the bottom of your swimming pool?

Have the pool drained and acid washed.

How do you get dead algae out of the bottom of a swimming pool?

Vacuum the pool slowly on backwash.

Where is lanthanum found today?

In lighting,microscope and camers lenses, and pool cleaners

What sport would a split shot sinker be used in?