Thunderstorms and Lightning

Can lightning be used in homes?

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It is not a very practical idea. In the first place, you never really know when lightning will strike in a given area. The timing and location are both very unpredictable. Secondly, lighting has an enormously high voltage and it therefore tends to damage or destroy any electrical equipment that it enters. It would not be impossible to create equipment specially designed to utilize lightning, but given the unpredictability of lightning, it would not be worth the trouble to do so. Baron Frankenstein notwithstanding.

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How your homes and tall buildings are safe from lightning?

The lightning tries to hit you but the building block it, you are safe.

How is lightning different from electricity used in houses?

Lightning is "static" electricity. Static means not moving. The electricity we use in our homes is called "current" electricity. Which means the electricity is moving, and flows in a path.

How can thunderstorms kill animals?

Because there homes can get struck by lightning.

How can we protect ourselves from getting striked by lightning?

you can sdtay in safe homes

What did Benjamin Franklin invent to save peoples homes?

Lightning rods, these helped save us from lightning so we wouldn't get struck.

What did Benjamin Franklin invent which saved many homes when they were struck by lightning?

He invented that lightning rode with a bell on it and put it on his house. Sorry the answer isn't that good.

How are solar cells used in homes?

how are solar cells used in homes

What is the past tense of lightning?

Lightning can be used as a noun (bolt of lightning) or an adjective (lightning fast). It is not a verb, so it does not have a past tense form.

Can the word lightning be used in a sentence?

The lightning struck the top of the building.

What are lightning rods used for?

They are used as a 'distraction' for the lightning (since they are metal) and could save your house =D

How is lightning used?

It's not used it was created.

What was a lightning warfare called?

The lightning warfare that Hitler used was called blitzkrieg.

Why do buildings and homes have lightning rods on top of them?

To conduct the electricity from the air to the ground, preventing a direct strike to the structure

What was the CN tower used for?

it is used for electricity from lightning

What was natural gas first used for in homes?

for lighting homes

What did zuni build there homes?

they used sticks to build there homes.

What is the Latin word for lightning?

The word 'fulgur' may be used to mean lightning in English.

Does Zeus have a weapon?

Basically, Zeus has lightning as a weapon.He used lightning bolts as weapons

What does lightning mean?

there are different types of lightning for an example there is storms and sorts of speeches used!::))

What is the lightning rod used for today?

Mainly for protecting houses or buildings from lightning bolts.

What was the lightning war strategy used by the Germans?

it was called blitzkrieg, which literally means lightning.

What is the adjective form of lightning?

The noun lightning itself (electrical discharge) is used as a noun adjunct, rather than an adjective, in such terms as lightning bolt or lightning rod. Only when the intent is to show great speed or quickness (lightning speed, lightning reflexes) is lightning an adjective.

Where was voltage first used?


Why cannot the energy from lightning be Used?

I think that lightning is too fast to be conserved or converted and also lightning is unpredictable, so cannot afford to build lightning towers everywhere. That's why it cannot be used ,to stay safe from the effects of lightning it has to be earthen-ed BETTER SAFE, THAN SORRY

What type of electricity is used in homes?

The electricity that is used in homes is AC. AC stands for Alternating Current.

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