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no liquid should be in ur baggage.there is no restrictions for medecines but liquor is prohibited

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Can you travel with airplane size liquor bottle?


Can snus be carried in an airplane?

Yep! :)

Can an alarm clock radio be carried on an airplane?

Yes, the alarm radio can be carried on an airplane. It has however be passed through several security checks.

How many milliters are in an airplane size liquor bottle?

50 Ml

Can plants be carried onto an airplane?

Yes. It can be carried in unless you use a flower pot

What is the cargo carried by an airplane or rocket called?


Can bottled water be carried on airplane?

no, as apparently you can make a bomb out of it

What is a glider airplane?

an airplane with no engine, it's carried up by a tow plane, released and glides back to earth

How much could the first airplane carry?

Two people at most. The first airplane carried its engine and 1 man.

Can you take a bottle of tequila on an airplane?

Not in your carry-on luggage. Check with your airline about packing liquor in your checked bags.

How many fluid ounces can be carried on airplane carry on luggage?

4 oz

What items cannot be carried on board an airplane?

A lot of items cannot be carried on an airplane after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Some of these items include sharp objects and liquids over a certain quantity.

Can a infant with a parent fly in a airplane?

Yes, surely an infant can fly in an airplane with his/her issues at all...I have myself carried my 4 month old baby abroad in airplane. PM

How much oxygen is in a tank on an airplane?

Oxygen in an airplane is not carried in a tank, it is the result of a chemical reaction. The oxygen will last for approximately ten to fifteen minutes.

Can liquids be carried on to airplanes?

liquids can be carried on an airplane because of gravity if you hold a glass of water in your hand and do a loop de loop it wont spill.

Is frozen fish allowed in an airplane in a carry on?

Yes, frozen fish is allowed to be carried on an airplane. It is recommended, however, that the fish be kept in a cooler to prevent spoilage.

What are the dimensions of a travel garment bag that can be carried on an airplane?

The dimensions of a travel garment bag that can be carried on an airplane are 56 x 36 x 23 cm. These dimensions are taken from American Airline guidelines but should match most airlines rules.

Is it legal to purchase liquor and pack it in your luggage to fly to your home state?

Not only do many states have regulations about bringing liquor into their states, the airline, and the FAA, have regulations about what can, and cannot, be carried as freight or baggage onto aircraft.

Can commercial vehicles transport liquor?

Yes, that's the way liquor. (like everything else) is transported. Of course, it requires a special permit... long as it's manifested as part of the load. It cannot be carried in the cab of the vehicle.

Is ride an action verb?

Yes, the verb 'ride' is a word for the act of being carried by a vehicle, airplane, or boat.

Where can you buy Michelob Golden Light in Nebraska?

I bought both cans and bottles in Falls City, NE. there were 3 liquor stores that carried it.

Are you allowd to bring liquor on board?

No. Post 9-11 regulations forbid any kind of liquid into the cabin of the airplane. However, you can bring up to 4 bottles of liquor from Mexico to the US and viceversa, provided it is properly packed and stored with the checked-in baggage.

Did the hiroshima bomb travel into other countries?

The bomb was. of course, carried into the country of Japan by an airplane. If you are asking about the fallout from the explosion, yes, a small amount of fallout will be carried by winds to other countries.

Can makeup be carried on an airplane?

Yes, if it is in a plastic bag (provided at most security checkpoints in the airport) in your handbag. UNDER 100ML.

Can you take unopened liquor bottle on airplane carryon?

if it's more than 100 ml then no chance. you can buy one after the security control but you can't bring your own.

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