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Can male cow give milk?

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Generally only female goats produce milk. However, on very rare occasions male goats may begin producing milk.

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Can a boy cow give milk?

a male cow is called a bull and NO, they cannot give milk

Do milk you drink came from a female cow or a male cow?

The milk you drink comes from a female cow. "Male cows" don't exist. A bull or steer, on the other hand, does exist, and these are the male composites of a cow.

What do you all a cow that never gives milk?

That cow could be not a cow at all, but a bull or a steer, also bovines but the male counterparts of the mature female bovine that is a cow. Heifers don't count because they won't never give milk, and because they are simply immature female bovines that will, at some point in their lives, be bred to give birth to a calf and thus give milk. It's not uncommon for someone unfamiliar with cattle to call a bull or a steer a "cow" and wonder why it is not giving milk. The answer should be obvious: Male mammals never give milk in the lactational, mammary-gland-producing sense.

Does any male cow produce milk?


Do cows or buffaloes give more milk?

It depends on the breed of cow in question. A Holstein (dairy) cow will give more milk than a buffalo, but a Charolais (beef) cow will give less milk than a buffalo does. An Angus cow may give as much or slightly more milk than a buffalo cow will.

What is a dry cow?

A cow that will no longer give milk.

What do you call a cow that is not supposed to give milk?

A bull? Cows are mammals, so they all give milk. If you mean a cow for meat then it is a beef cow, but she still gives milk.

Why cow is not giving milk?

A cow cannot give milk to you by itself. You have to go and take milk from the cow. If someone was trying that, I would say you need to learn a lot to milk a cow.

Can a cow give milk if it has not had a calf?


Can you give your pup cow milk?

no dogs should not get milk

Why does the cow give milk?

She's got the tools to give milk, being an udder.

How come my cow won't give me milk on harvest moon DS?

In order to get milk you must complete these things.1. Your cow MUST be at the adult age2. Your cow must be in a good mood3. Your cow can NOT give milk while it is Pregnant4. If you cow wasn't feed the day before, most likely she won't give you any milk.

Why did the cow give only buttermilk?

"What else can she give but her milk?"

What kind of milk did the cow give after she lost her memory?

evaporated milk

What does the cow give us?

Meat and milk.

Why are cow useful to humans?

they give milk

Can you give ducklings cow milk?


How much milk does a cow give per day?

A cow in a dairy can produce around 8 to 35litres of milk a day.

How long does a jersey cow gives milk?

A Jersey cow will give milk for 10 months or as long as 2 years.

How do you milk a cow on the game ranch rush on shockwave?

Give the cow some clover. The cow will eat it and then some milk will appear on the bench as soon as they are done.

Why is selective breeding important?

selective breeding is important as for example if i was a farmer and i wanted a cow to produce a lot of milk then i would breed the cow which produces the most milk. so i would get a male cow which produces a lot of milk and breed with a female cow which also produces a lot of milk.

What does a cow with hiccups give you?

sloshy milk.....milkshake!

What type of cow give more milk?


Is male mammal produce milk?

a female animal gives milk but the male dose not give milk.

How much milk does a village cow give?

That all depends on the breed of cow that village has.