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Can manganese poisoning affect the pancreas and cause death?

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April 24, 2007 5:41PM

I found this, can anyone try and explain if it has anything to

do with the question and will it help? Autoradiography of

manganese: accumulation and retention in the pancreas. Lyden A,

Larsson BS, Lindquist NG. By means of whole-body autoradiography,

the general distribution of 54MnCl2 was studied in mice and a

Marmoset monkey. High accumulation and retention were observed in

the pancreas in both species. Gamma counting experiments in mice

after a single intravenous injection of 54MnCl2 showed that the

level in the pancreas exceeded that of the liver at all survival

times (20 min. - 30 days). Also in the monkey, the concentration in

the pancreas exceeded that of the liver, and the pancreas had the

highest tissue/liver ratio of the organs measured at 24 hours after

injection. The high uptake and long retention in the pancreas

suggest that manganese is of importance for the pancreatic function

but also that the pancreas may be a target organ for manganese

toxicity. Positron tomography, using 11C-labelled amino acids, has

been found to be a promising diagnostic technique for the study of

pancreatic disease. Positron emitting manganese isotopes may be

worth further studies as possible agents for pancreatic


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