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yes, marijuana is, believe it or not, good against fever, and it prooved out that it could cure the pest in the old times

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Q: Can marijuana help disease
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Can marijuana be used to help polycystic kidney disease?


Can marijuana help Parkinson's disease?

Marijuana will help to relief from parkinson's disease.Cannabinoids such as THC can act to temporarily increase dopamine levels, suggesting a direct benefit for patients with Parkinson's.

Is there a cure for marijuana?

Marijuana is a drug, not a disease..

Can marijuana help cure some mad cow disease?

No, vCJD (the medical acronym for the disease in humans) is a progressive chronic fatal disease with no known cure.

What diseases does marijuana help with?

Marijuana does not help with any disease in particular. It could be used for anything that causes extreme pain. It provides strong pain relief for many users, and thus is a symptomatic (not causal) treatment.

Can marijuana help aids patients?

Yes, marijuana can help AIDS patients. Specifically it helps with what is known as wasting syndrome. Malnurishment can cause a further weakening of the immune system and because the disease can cause a chronic loss of appetite, the phenomenon known to marijuana smokers as "the munchies" is of great help to AIDS patients.

Can marijuana help with heart disease?

Sometimes, it will most deffenetly help with your pains but sometimes it can make the heart disease worse. Ask a doctor about it. If you smoke marijuana on a daily basis, it makes the heart disease worse and your chance of a heart attack is increased because it raises your blood pressure. I just lost a friend of mine, who was forty five years old. After smoking marijuana he went into cardiac arrest. He had smoked marijuana on a daily basis for twenty years. Any kind of smoke is not good for your heart.

Can marijuana help your brain?

yes marijuana can help the brain

Can marijuana prevent disease?


What disease does marijuana treat?


Is medical marijuana cheaper than radiation or chemotherapy for treatment of breast cancer?

Medical marijuana is not a treatment for breast cancer. Medical marijuana is sometimes used to help with symptoms of breast cancer treatments, but it doesn't cure the disease.

Does marijuana help with fibromyalgia?

There is no scientific research on it yet, and no studies to tell us whether it really does. But it is a belief among some people who suffer from this disease that marijuana helps to alleviate their pain.

Does marijuana help crohns disease?

It may help some people, as cannibis helps to curb nausea in some cases. It also contains BCP, which is an anti-inflammatory.

Can you get a a disease from smoking marijuana the first time?


Can marijuana prevent Alzheimer disease?

It may prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Researchers say that the ingredient in marijuana ( delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC,) will stop the progression of Alzheimer's Disease in its tracks.

Can you smoke marijuana with Celiac Disease?

Considering the fact that marijuana comes from the cannabis plant and not wheat...

What is the best natural remedy for crohn's disease?


What is one lung disease that can be caused by marijuana?


Does marijuana help with schizophrenia?

No; marijuana does not help schizophrenia. Marijuana has been proven in studies to increase the likelihood of schizophrenia and worsen symptoms. Individuals with schizophrenia should avoid marijuana.

Can marijuana cure sinus?

1. Sinus is not a disease. It is a part of your body inside your skull that is used to help you to breathe. 2. Marijuana doesn't cure anything -- it causes you to become addicted to it, and slows down your thinking abilities.

Can marijuana help seizure?

Marijuana has no medical use for seizures.

What cleans your system from marijuana?

does marijuana help with back pain?

Does marijuana help with cataracts?

No. Marijuana only helps with glaucoma.

Does Marijuana help OCD?

Yes, most OCD victims claim that marijuana does in fact help their OCD.

Can marijuana improve symtems of graves disease in eyes?