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Some cake recipes specifically call for mayonnaise, but generally it's not a good substitute for eggs in baking. Eggs are a unique ingredient -- an emulsion of liquid, protein and fat in a delicate balance. Virtually nothing acts the same way in cooking, as eggs do.

There is vinegar in mayonnaise. I would think you cannot.

Another answer: Actually Mayonnaise CAN be used. But only in specific cakes. Such as Chocolate. Not naming names, THE mayonnaise that tells you to "Bring out the Best"....Has a Chocolate Mayonnaise cake. For the 3 eggs the recipe calls for, you use 1 cup of mayonnaise instead. It was incredible. AND no traces of vinegar were detectable. Haven't tried it in cookies yet, but it's worth a shot. The mayo also replaced the oil the recipe called for.

A friend of mine introduced me to Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake about 6 years ago. I could not believe how great it tasted. I have made quite a few myself now over the past 6 years and at present it is my favorite cake on this planet. Being an old school chef and baker for over 30 years, I have of course heard of this substitute but never put it into practice until 6 years ago. Wish I had tried it sooner! Eggs, unless you have your own chickens for laying, are much cheaper though.

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Q: Can mayonnaise be used as an egg substitute in a cake recipe?
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Can mayonnaise be used as an egg substitute in a brownie recipe?

yes it can if you wish :)

Can mayonnaise be used to substitute for eggs?

Mayonnaise is an emulsion of egg yolks, oil and seasoning if you try cooking with mayonnaise it will split and spoil your recipie. Some cake recipes call for mayonnaise, but it substitutes for egg and some of the fat in the recipe, not just the eggs

Can salad dressing be used in a recipe if i don't have mayo?

It really depends on the recipe, but in most cases, yes, salad dressing can be used as a substitute for mayonnaise.

Can you substitute lime juice for lemon juice for a cake glaze?

If a cake filling recipe requires lemon juice, can lime juice be used instead?

What can be used as a substitute for oil in baking a cake?

I have used applesauce to replace the oil in cake recipes. It lowers the fat content in the recipe. Use the same amount of applesauce as you would oil.

How much mayonnaise do you use in a cake mix?

I have used 3/4 cup of mayonnaise in red velvet cake mix. It makes the cake so moist.

Can mayonnaise be used instead of eggs?

Mayonnaise is mostly composed of eggs and oil. Many recipes call for it. In fact my mother made a GREAT mayonnaise chocolate cake from a recipe on the back of a Best Foods/Hellmann's mayonnaise jar. I have used mayonnaise many times in a pinch when I was out of eggs. Not sure how much to tell you to use, I just kind of judge the amount of mayonnaise to be about the amount of one egg.

Can mayo be used for an egg substitute?

Yes, in some recipes. Remember that mayonnaise contains quite a bit of oil as well as eggs, so adjust your recipe accordingly.

What can you substitute for butter in a chocolate cake recipe?

Margarine is probably the best option, but vegetable oil and olive oil could also be used.

Is mayonnaise safe to eat when it has been heated?

Mayonnaise is safe to eat if cooked or baked on foods. Mayonnaise can be used a a cake to give it a rich flavor.

What can be used as a substitute for eggs for brownies?

Generally, you can substitute one tablespoon of mayonnaise for each egg, in most recipes.

Can i use butter instead of oil in a cake?

It depends on the oil. Usually, it is margarine that is used. The important thing is to follow a recipe.

What can be used as a substitute for margarine in cake?

Margarine is an inexpensive substitute for butter. Replacing the margarine with butter will produce a better cake.

Can yellow squash be used as arecipe substitute for zucchini?

can yellow squash be used as recipe substitute for zucchini

Can miracle whip be used in place of mayonnaise in a jello salad recipe?

Sure,it can be used. Go for it.

What can be used as substitute for kirsch in a recipe?

Cherry syrup

How and why is a recipe important in cake making?

in cake making a recipe is very important because it tells you the amount of ingredients that should be used

How can you make a cake sweet?

Typically, the recipe for a cake includes some form of sugar, or sweetener. If you used a recipe that made a not-sweet cake, reread it, see if you made any mistakes, and if not, try a different recipe ^^

What can be used as a substitute for soybean oil in a cake?

Any other oil will work in a cake.

What can you substitute for Passover margarine in a cake recipe?

If you're making the cake outside of Passover, then any margarine would work. If dairy isn't an issue then butter can be used. If it's during Passover, you could try oil but depending on type of cake, it might not work.

How much does a gallon of mayonnaise weight?

One US gallon of typical mayonnaise weighs 7.76 lb. This may vary depending on the recipe used.

Can mayonnaiese be used as oil in cake?

Mayonnaise is just eggs and oil so yes.

Why is mayonnaise used in some cake mixes what do it make it do to the cake?

Answer it make it soft to eatMayonnaise is made of egg yolks and oil. There's usually some salt and lemon juice in it as well but the main ingredients are egg yolks and oil. Using mayo in a cake is a quick way to add eggs and oil and since it's already emulsified together, it helps keep the cake moist. It gives the cake a nice moist texture.Yes, the Mayo adds a nice texture to it. Some use it as a substitute when they have no eggs! =)

Can you use 3 T of cornstarch to replace 3 eggs when baking a cake?

No, you can't replace eggs with cornstarch in a cake recipe. The eggs make the cake light and springy. You can replace three tablespoons of cake flour with three tablespoons of cornstarch if you like. Cornstarch does help lighten the cake, but it must not be used as a substitute for eggs.

Can applesauce be used in a diabetic cake recipe?

Applesauce can be used in a diabetic cake recipe. Although the specifics differ from person to person, it is ultimately up to the person who wishes to make the cake to look at the ingredients and decide if it is correct for them.