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Q: Can medical assistants work at post traumatic stress disorder treatment centers?
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What are some of the most well known eating disorder treatment centers in the United States?

There are several well-known eating disorder treatment centers in the United States. Some of these centers are Castlewood Eating Disorder Treatment Center and Monarch Cove Treatment Center.

Where can one find treatment centers for people with an eating disorder?

One can find treatment centers for people with an eating disorder by visiting a local hospital. They are able to refer the person who has an eating disorder to a treatment center that will help them out.

What are the three top treatment centers for post traumatic stress disorder?

A VA (Veterans Affairs) clinic or treatment center, a personal family health physician, or a mental health center. There is also a center in Texas just for military to undergo treatment for PTSD.

Where can one find an eating disorder treatment center?

Eating disorder treatment centers can be located by looking in a local telephone book or by calling a local health department. These resources will have telephone numbers and locations for eating disorder treatment centers in the area.

How many treatment centers are there for eating disorders?

There are thousands of eating disorder treatment around the world.

How much do eating disorder treatment centers cost?

The price of treatment for an eating disorder varies. It could cost a few hundred dollars to thousand of dollars based on the level of treatment.

Where can someone receive treatment for a marijuana addition?

Someone who is addicted to marijuana can receive treatment from select treatment centers. They can also receive treatment from their doctors, which is more common because marijuana treatment centers are not very common. However, marijuana addiction is not a very common disorder.

Are there any OCD treatment centers which treat children?

Most Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) treatment centers also treat children. Treatment may involve a combination of behavior modification, cognitive therapy as well as prescription medications and more.

Is there an eating disorder treatment center run by Christians in NC?

There are multiple eating disorder treatment centers run by Christians in North Carolina. This will allow you to choose a center based on your inpatient/outpatient needs and income bracket.

What is a good bulimia treatment center in Massachusetts?

Various mental health service providers and centers are available for Bulimia treatment in Massachusetts. These include the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center, Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women and many others.

What is the success rate for residential eating disorder treatment centers?

National data suggests an overall success rate of 76%. Although, data collection is both varied and inconsistent among agencies and treatment centers normally. Treatment success varies across the spectrum of data disorders.

Where can one find the eating disorder center?

The first tip would be to speak to your doctor. Only your doctor will know for sure if you have an eating disorder. If you are diagnosed with an eating disorder, your doctor can recommend some treatment centers in your area.