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yes, but make sure his hands are clean to begin with.

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Can my boyfriend show pregnancy symptoms if im pregnant?

If I'm pregnant can my boy friend show symptoms

What do i get my boyfriend when im in Italy?

If i was your boyfriend, i have no idea what i would want from you while u were in Italy

Can my boyfriend sew my mom for not letting him see me while im pregnant?

Grand parents have no say. But unless your married he also has no say. best to just compromise

Do your breast only have liquid if your pregnant?

Good question…im not too sure considering im not pregnant and wont be for a while! :)

Im 15 almost 16 im pregnant my boyfriend is almost 18?

You have had sex illigally and now you're screwed

Can i leave with boyfriend at 16 if im pregnant?

it depends. if he is very supportive of you and the baby, then why leave.

Why you can eat jalapeno while pregnant?

Im pretty sure you can eat jalapenos when pregnant!

Im a month pregnant can you stand while pregnant?

Yes but not for a long period of time

How bad is it to smoke weed while pregnant or is it okay?

any smoking while pregnant is terrible. im all for weed but if your pregnant its a bad idea

Why do you pee while im rideing your boyfriend?

I don't even have boyfriend. You must be confusing me for someone else.

How do you tell your 16 year old boyfriend im pregnant im 17?

Just tell him straight out because you will need his support

Plz help im panicing if she will get pregnant i might have gotten sperm on my index finger i washed my hands 3 times and hand sanitised 2 then fingered her with my middel finger can she get pregnant?

I don't think that she would get pregnant because you got sperm on your index and not middle finger which you fingered her with. And if you cleaned your hands that many times then sperm still shouldn't be on your finger

How should you tell your boyfriend im pregnant?

Call him and meet him up. Sit him down and talk to him.

Im late for my period by a few days and i feel like im pregnant i also have been bloated for a while.?

Does not mean that you are pregnant. It could but I do not think that you are.

If a sixteen year old in New York gets pregnant from her eighteen year old boyfriend can she move out with him without parent consent?

when you get pregnant you can get emancipated legally. believe me i have done it and im going to college while my husband now is in the service

It is safe to take provera while im pregnant?

No. Studies have shown that it can cause unwanted problems to your baby if you take provera while you are pregnant.

Can you move in with your boyfriend im a minor I'm pregnant in nebraska?

that's if your parents will let you and they don't say anything

Can my boyfriend get arrested im 14 he is 19 and I am pregnant with his baby?

yes, unless both parents are perfectly okay with it.

You are 16 and pregnant can you move out of your moms house to move in with your 18 year old boyfriend?

The only way i can find out right now is if u get emancipated and that's what im looking for rightnow cuz im 16 and pregnant and my boyfriend is 18 too. If i find anythign else out, then i will write you back

Is it possible to have my period while im pregnant?

Yes. It is not that common for women but it is possible.

Im cramping after period can i be pregnant?

if u just had ur period ur prolly not pregnant, altho some ppl do bleed while pregnant.

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