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There can't be a way for it to be held against YOU. Other insurance companies can't bug you for their mistakes.

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Where could a company buy credit risk insurance?

Companies can buy credit risk insurance at several different insurance companies around the world. This type of insurance protects the business' accounts receivable. The insurance guarantees against excessive bad debt losses.

Is insurance under writing different from insurance companies?

Insurance under writing is the process in which under writer check the risk of the customer and charge him a premium .Insurance companies are those which gie you protection against risk and compansate your loss at the time of accident

Where can one purchase insurance against damage from fire and water?

There are a variety of insurance companies that sell home insurance that protects against damage from fire and water. The companies Liberty Mutual and Amica, for example, both offer this insurance.

Who owns the Contents Insurance company?

There is no company called 'Contents Insurance', however it is possible to buy contents insurance from many different insurance companies. Contents insurance is normally bought on your primary residency, this will cover you against unexpected loss.

What companies in the United States offer protection and insurance for flood and water damage?

Numerous insurance companies in the United States offer protection and insurance against flood and water damage. One can purchase such insurance from 'NBC Insurance' or 'RBC Insurance'.

Which companies offer insurance against illness?

The top 5 illness insurance companies are United Health Group, WellPoint Inc. Group, Kaiser Foundation, Aetna Group and the Humana Group. These insurance companies are found in the US.

Why are people against genetic testing?

Because if you find that you have a deformity health insurance companies can discriminate against you

Can you file a claim against two homeowners insurance companies at the same time?


Where to get a professional liability insurance?

This insurance is a form of liability insurance that helps protect professional advice-and service-providing individuals and companies from bearing the full cost of defending against a negligence claim made by a client, and damages awarded in a civil lawsuit. You will have to get quotes from different companies and compare the cost and coverage that is best for you.

Are there any complaints against Standard Mutual Insurance Co?

There are many complaints against Standard Mutual Insurance Company. However, there are many complaints against all insurance companies. This company seems to have more negative press than some. Use with caution.

Using Quotes To Reduce Bills?

You need to look for insurance quotes auto insurance companies will provide before you get a new insurance plan in order to get the cheapest one that you can. Once you have these quotes, you can go back to the insurance companies and show them what the other companies gave you for quotes. This will often cause them to adjust their own numbers. Then you can take those numbers back to the first company and get them to lower their prices. By playing the different companies off against each other, you can come out with much smaller payments for yourself.

Do you have to have a general contractor to get overhead and profit from the insurance company?

No, there are plenty of laws and regulations that address overhead and profit. Contractors charge it and insurance companies pay it. That's the nature of the beast. The insurance company that doesn't pay it is not only an exception to the rule but runs the risk of breach of contract and bad faith lawsuits as well as sanctions by insurance departments. There has been much litigation against insurance companies that mess around with overhead and profit, including several class action lawsuits against major insurance companies.

Can an unpaid balance on auto insurance effect your credit?

Unpaid balances owed to insurance companies will be sent to collection agencies and will count against your credit.

What health insurance policy is most suitable for someone who is self employed?

One who is self employed might find that the most suitable insurance policy would be against unemployment insurance. Many insurance companies offer such insurance.

Do insurance companies sell insurance for lost cell phones?

There are companies that will sell consumers insurance for their cell phones. Typically the continued cost of insurance would out weight the cost of a phone replacement, unless it is a frequent occurrence. As with other insurances, the frequent claims against your insurance will increase the rates or cause you to be dropped from coverage.

Can you do insurance of same thing with different insurance co?

You are at liberty to buy same insurance products from different insurance cos, but problems may arise when you intend to submit your claim under 2 policy bonds purchased from different insurance co against a particular claim.

What are Cargo Insurance contracts?

Cargo Insurance contracts cover Hauliers, shipping companies and airlines etc. against claims for goods lost or damaged in transit.

What prevents insurance companies from discriminating against people based on information derived from genetic tests?

discrimination based on genetic information is against the law

How do you borrow money against your Life Insurance?

if its a cash value policy contact the companies customer service line.

Can a life insurance policy have a lien against it?

Yea, a life insurance policy can be mortaged as lien in banks for availing of loans. Even many private companies also provide loans against lien of life insurance policies. Life Insurance Cos provide loan upto 75% of paid up premium against lien of life insurance policy bond of the policy holder.

What are some features of Illinois car insurance?

It is important to understand the different types of insurance coverage most companies offer. Something which virtually every policy should have is liability coverage. This protects the policy holder against financial loss due to a covered accident.

What are some of the risks that life insurance covers?

LIfe Insurance policies cover against unfortunate eventuality of the policy holder, whereas for non-life sectors (including Health Insurance) there are General Insurance Companies offering various covers.

What insurance companies will backdate a policy to avoid a ticket?

NONE it is against their policies and state policies!! Try to make friends with someone who sells auto insurance that is your best bet.

How do you find an auto insurance companies legal name to use to file a small claims law suite.?

First off you really don't need the insurance companies name because you are not filing suit against the insurance company. You always file suit against the party who is liable for the loss and that is the party that caused the accident itself and not the insurance company. They were not even there right? When you file suit against the owner and driver of the other vehicle they will be responsible for turning your claim over to their insurance company who will represent them and pay any loss that they are responsible for to you. That's all you have to do.

What are some companies who offer pay as you drive car insurance?

Many companies offer pay as you drive car insurance, including Progressive and Esurance. Pay as you go drive insurance provides rates based on the type of vehicle used, measured against distance, time, place and behavior.