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Q: Can o plus ve donate blood to any person belonging to -ve?
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Why a plus can not donate blood to o plus?

It depends what blood type of blood you have if you are not an o plus you can't do it

Can O plus donate to AB negative?

No - a pos can not donate blood to a negative

Can o negative donate blood to o plus?

Yes, type O negative blood can donate to type O positive blood. Type O negative blood is the universal donor. It can be given to a person with any blood type.

Can someone who is b plus donate to some one who is O plus?

No. Someone who has B blood can only donate to someone with AB blood and B blood. Someone with O blood can only take O blood.

Wwwrelationships between blood types and antibodes who could donate blood to a person with type B plus?

B +tiv blood group have anti b antibodies

Who can donate blood to o plus?

Type o can only be transferred by type o blood.

Can donor blood 0 plus be successfully donate to recepients b negative?

No although type O can donate to anyone the positive (plus) can not be put into a blood with negative. This would cause blood clumping and would be very bad.

Can O plus donate to any blood type?

No, O negative can, as far as red blood cell compatibility.

Can an o plus blood type donate platelets to an A plus blood type person?

Yes, A rhd+ platelets are the O rhd+ of the platelet world; they can be transferred to anyone of any blood type. So if your A rhd+ i would seriously consider donating because your needed!

Can A plus donate to B?

If Mr A Plus wants Mr B Minus to die, then sure. The blood types are NOT compatible.

Can 0 plus blood be donated to someone with A plus blood?

Yes. O is the universal donor. As long as the recipients RH Factor (positive or negative) is the same then O can donate to any blood type.

Is blood type O plus and A plus compatiable?

A person with A+ blood can receive O+ blood. But the opposite is not true: a person with type O+ blood cannot receive type A+ blood.

Is b plus blood rare?

yes it is in fact about 9% of people in the world have this blood type. So you should donate some time

Can a person with type o plus receive blood from a person that has a plus blood?

no O's get ONLY from O but O can give to everybody

Can you donate blood to all groups if you are o plus?

Nope - O negative is the only group that can be safely given to the patient if their blood group is unknown.

Can a person with o plus receive and give blood to all blood types?

No; type O+ (O positive) can donate to any blood type that is positive but not to those that are negative. Type O- (O negative) is the universal donor. Type AB can receive A, B, or O blood.

Has anyone ever died donating blood?

Its unlikely to happen. They have professionals taking the blood. You are only losing a tiny amount of blood when you donate. Plus, you get cookies and juice afterwards!

What happen if you give RH- person RH plus blood if they have already been exposed to RH plus blood?

it will cause hypersensitization in RH- person

What types of blood can a person with a plus blood receive?

Plus(+) individual can receive blood of both types (+) or (-) while (-) individual can receive only (-) type of blood.

If a person with Type 0-plus blood needs a blood transfusion can A-plus blood be given?

No. Persons with type O blood can only receive type O blood.

What if your friend is O plus you are A plus can you give him your blood safely?

Type O can donate to any other type, but can only receive a donation from another Type O.

Your blood type is o plus your babies a plus is this normal?

yes it is possible if one person in parent with A blood group

What the difference between o plus and o?

O+ blood types can donate blood to anyone. O- blood types (for females) have to get this shot when they are pregnant. (I don't wanna be a O- blood type girl anymmore...) :(

What kind of blood can a person with B plus and B- blood receive?

o negative

What happens if a person with blood group A plus donates his blood to a patient with blood group B plus?

that will lead to a serious disease and doctors shouldn't allow that to happen