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Can oil mix with water?

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No, they are immiscible.

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Though oil and water are immiscible normally but they can be made immiscible by use of suitable surfactants or better say emulsifying agents resulting in the formation of mixture of oil and water called as emulsion.

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Can you mix water with oil?

No we cannot mix water with oil.

Does dyed water and oil mix?

No. Oil and water do not mix.

What is the definition between the oil mix to water?

Oil will not mix with water.

What happens when you mix oil with water why?

When you mix oil and water the oil rises to the top. Oil and water do not mix together because of their make up, so when you put oil in water, the oil will rise to the top of the water.

In an oil spill why does the oil not mix with the sea water?

Oil does not mix with water, not even salty sea water.

Why does water and oil mix in ice cream?

Water and oil never mix.

Why does oil and water mix together?

oil and water never mix together. water is heavier than oil. so,oil float on the water.

What can not mix with water?

Oil can't mix with water.

Oil and water mixing?

no oil and water do not mix

What happens if you mix oil and water together?

water and oil don't normally mix. there are only two ways to make water and oil mix, its either you mix them vigoriously or you apply the process of emulsification.

Does not mix with water?

oil and alcohol doesnt mix with water

Why does nt water and oil mix?

Water and oil does not mix because water is molecule and oil is made of hydrocarbon chains. Only molecule substances can mix with molecule solutes.

Which property of water is responsible for the fact that oil and water do not mix?

polarity! Polarity is the reason that water and oil do not mix

Can you mix oil paints together?

you can mix oil paints with other oil paints, but not with water because oil and water repel eachother.

What do you get if you mix oil and water?

oily water or watery oil

Does water mix with oil?

Water can MIX with oil if the correct emulsifier is used. This is not a mixture, though, it is an emulsion.

What is the liquid that doesn't mix with oil?

Water, of course ! Water is the liquid that doesn't mix well with oil.

Why does cooking oil not mix with water?

Oil is considerably less dense than water and therefore does not mix with it.

Why don't salt water mix with oil?

Salt water, or plain water, does not mix with oil - it's a density thing.

Do olive oil mix with water?

Water and olive oil are not miscible.

Why does cooking oil and water not mix?

They don't mix because the oil is less dense than water. If you put them in a cup, oil will float on top of water.

What is water and oil do not mix?

Water and oil do not mix because water is a polar substance and oil is nonpolar. The general rule of solubility is like dissolves like.

What happens when you mix honey in oil or water?

when we add the honey to the water and oil it will not mix and there will be 3 layers the bottom layer is the honey then on top of it is the water then the oil

What will not mix with water?


Does oil and water mix?