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Im Not Entirely Sure About Having A British Accent, But Im Pretty Certain You Won't Need An Agent. If You Fit The Description, Then You Might Have A Chance With The Part, But Then Again, Im Not Picking Parts.

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Can you audition for Romilda Vane if you have spanish decent but you have british accent?

No Not At All Sorry

Can i audition for romilda vane even though i have no british accent?

probably not because JK Rowling only wants british actors

When did Romilda Pantaleoni die?

Romilda Pantaleoni died in 1917.

When was Romilda Pantaleoni born?

Romilda Pantaleoni was born in 1847.

Do You Need your Passport to Audition for Harry Potter?

Yes. You need a british passport to audition

Where was Romilda Vane born in Harry Potter?

Romilda Vane was born in Great Britain.

Can you audition for the part of Romilda Vane if you wear braces?

YES you can in the first few movies tom felton(draco)wore braces but the camer angles were made to look like he didn't.

Can you audition for Harry Potter movies if you are Arminian?

Your religion doesn't matter. You have to be British or Irish to audition.

Who played Romilda Vane in the Harry Potter movies?

Romilda Vane was played by Anna Shaffer.

Will Romilda Vane be in the seventh Harry Potter book?

Romilda in the Seventh Book?No she isn'tShe was just in the 6th.

Why do you have to be British to audition in Harry Potter 6?

Probably because British citizens have "proper" accents.

What year did Harry styles audition for the British X factor?


If you are British living in the US can you audition to be on Disney Channel?

Certainly as long as you are legally in the US and you meet the requirements established by the Disney organization, you can audition for them.

Who gave harry the chocolates?

Romilda Vane

Can you audition for Harry Potter as Lavender Brown if you are not British but can speak British?

yes but lavender brown doesn't really sound British in the movies.

How do you audition for a part in Harry Potter if you live in Canada but you have a British accent?

if you ARE british and have a british accent then go ahead but if you are Canadian and can put on a british accent then tough look - british people only and im british so i can audition!!! sorry to everyone whos not but there will be other auditions for other parts in different movies maybe you can be an extra though find out!!!

If you audition for Romilda Vane and look nothing like her but can get colored contacts and dye your hair if you get the part as Romilda Vane would they let that happen?

Wow ... sorry.. They said they don't want people to color there hair.. And change there eye color...they said they wanted to see some one real not fake.. And the looks are not everything if you have the looks you MUST have the talents... ***(sorry)*** they said no.. Good luck if you are auditioning for the part.

Which character can you audition for in the new moon movie you are a 17 year old British male?

You can probably audition for one of the Volturi (the "royal" vampire coven)

How can I audition for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when I live in Australia?

Auditions are closed now for all Harry Potter films. There are also regulations about who can audition. For example, you must be British or Irish to audition.

Can American actors audition for The Chronicles of Narnia?

If they can talk with a GOOD British accent.

Whitch gender are cormac mclaggenblaise zambinimarcus belbyromilda vanedemelza robinsjimmy peakesritchie coote and zacharies smith from the harry pooter films and how ald do you have to be for the aud?

Cormac, Blaise, Marcus, Jimmy, Ritchie and Zacharias are boys Romilda and Demelza are girls You have to be 15 to audition

How do you get the part in a movie?

You have to audition for the movie. Usually to get the part you want you have to look like the description of the character. It might be easier to start off getting an agent. Then you can talk to your agent about the part and they can call of the director to get you an audition for the movie.

How many roles need to be filled for the movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

I think they have already cast them.But I am not sure. You have to be British or have a British accent to be in the movies even to be an extra.I am not so I can't audition. New extras.maby Lavender Brown Romilda Vane Lucius Malfoy's Wife Slughorn.Defense against the Dark Arts Teacher New Death Eaters Pansy(something).Draco's girlfriend. I think there might be more.You could read the book.It's really good!Hope that helps.

Who give love potion to Harry which is consumed by Ron?

Romilda Vane

Who played Romilda Hooch in the Harry Potter movies?

Zoë Wanamaker.

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