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I personally see nothing wrong with it. There are many types of PhD areas. Thus, you are indicating at this time you are in the area of education. Still, I would just like you to know that some would not agree with this, and believe Jane Austin PhD would be sufficient.

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Q: Can one use Ph.D and professor in the same title for example Professor Jane Austin Ph.D?
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What does emeritus mean?

Emeritus is a suffix added to the title of a person retired from active service, but retaining rank or title. An example is a retired professor who has the title Professor Emeritus. A person who is retired but retains an honorary title corresponding to the position that was held immediately before retirement. e.g. an emeritus professor is a retired professor.

How do you use professor in a sentence?

The word "professor," uncapitalized, is a noun, so it would be used like any other noun. Example: The professor was an extremely smart person. However, it can also be used as a title, which case it could be capitalized. Example: Professor Jenkins taught quantum physics.

Is Professor Layton and the Lost Future English or USA?

Professor Layton and the Lost Future is the English Title. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is the USA Title, Both of these games originate from Japan.

What is a retired professors title?

Professor Emeritus.

When writing your professor that has a PhD can you just write DR?

A professor is higher in rank than a doctor; it would be more appropriate to address them as professor if they hold the title.

What is the higher title engineer or professor?

abraham lincoln

What is the proper form of address for a college professor?

To address a professor you would say 'Professor Doe' (whatever his or hers last name is.

How do you say professor in Brazil?

There are two "professor" 1 ) a title given to a renowned scientist or researcher. and to a school teacher (Primary,high school, and University( College) Then you can say "Professor João", "Professora Maria," or Professor Carlos (Dr Carlos)

Is the title capitalized in the sentence Dr Smith is Professor Emeritus at Jones College?

It should be--- Dr. Smith is professor emeritus at Jones College.

How do you say professor in Japanese?

教授 /kyou ju/ means 'professor' in Japanese used both single and as a title e.g. after a name.

Do you capitalize professor?

Only if you're addressing him. Like, "Professor Smith, I have a problem." Or... "My instructor, Professor Smith, helped me with a problem." Not if it was like, "My professor helped my with a problem."

What was galileo's title in the middle ages?

He had no title. Some may have called him professor or teacher, but he was not noble.