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*This is a very interesting question. *Tha banner of this answer is not say that war justifies civilian casualties, but war does certainly cause civilian casualties. The reason for commiting air power to attack a specific target is idealy justified as being a military necessity. It is also a documented (too many times) fact that genocide occurs. *The persons who ordered the bombing and had knowledge of the probability of civilian casualties have justified that action to themselves and the government for whom they waged war. Whether their actions can be justified to the satisfaction of other persons is a horse of a different color. *War brings out the best in some and the worst in others. *Some forget, or forsake, their own sense of values, their personal code of right & wrong, proper & improper or good & bad, to achieve the ultimate goal of victory. These persons are capable of genocide. Too many times, they are victorious. *Some hold true to their sense of values and are still victorious. Others hold true to their sense of values and are buried with them intact and uncompromised. Too few times, they are victorious. To many tmes, they are the fewest. To say that none of these persons are capable of genocide would have to be contingent on any "flaws", such as racism, in their sense of values. It would seem that most of these persons would not be capable of genocide. *Whether or not the strategic bombing of Germany by Allied forces can be considered as genocide depends up the person who is considering the the question. We are still mulling over the possibilities before providing a final answer. As stated above, this is a very interesting question. Genocide would be an attempt to eliminate the entire German race. The air raids on Germany were for the most part, as the question says, 'strategic' and aimed at the war industry. Civilians who are manufacturing war materials are a legitimate target. Besides, many of the pilots probably had parents and grandparents who had emmigrated from Germany not long before and were as "Aryan" as the Nazis. For the slaughter of non-combattants to count as genocide, it's NOT necessary to intend to kill a whole people or race. The threshold is much, much lower. I find the comments in answer #2 about '[c]ivilians who are manufacturing war materials' odd. Even in ground fighting one can't go around checking individuals' occupations before shooting. As for a lot of the pilots being themselves of German origin, that didn't apply to the RAF, which was responsible for most of the deliberate bombing of German civilians. The adjective 'strategic' in 'strategic bombing' shouldn't be taken at face value. When the RAF bombed cities, it usually made no attempt to attack military targets. The bombers made straight for the city centre in such cases and inner suburbs. It is usually said that the aim was to cause maximum disruption. See the link for "Wikipedia: Genocide" to the right for a very brief outline of what genocide is often taken to mean. United States, England, and Russia.

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What role did the Tuskegee Airmen serve in the saturation bombing and strategic bombing of Germany?

fighter escorts NOVANET

When did the bombing start?

to 1940-1945 by USAAF Eighth Air Force, strategic bombing of Germany and the Red Air Force.

Why did Allied forces find so much destruction when they finally reached Germany?

The allied air force strategic bombing campaign thoroughly devastated Germany.

What directive in World War 2 was given to the Strategic Air Force by the Casablanca Directive?

In WW 2 the task given to the Strategic Air Force by the Casablanca Directive was the early bombing of Germany as the war opened in the West. This bombing was intensified in May of 1943. The bombing resulted in the overall command of the skies in Western Europe.

What is the goal of strategic bombing?

In war the goal of strategic bombing is to avoid collateral damage. Collateral damage is damage and death done to civilians.

What role did the Tuskegee Airmen serve in the saturation and strategic bombing of Germany?

They successfully protected the Bombers by escorting them & protecting them against enemy fighters

Code name given during Vietnam War to find out why American bombings were becoming ineffective?

United States Strategic Bombing Survey-dated 30 September 1945, conducted over Germany during WW2; was used to compare strategic bombing over North Vietnam.

To what extent were the allies justified in using strategic bombing during World War 2?

It was very much justified. Strategic bombing was the accurate bombing of Ports, Factories, and buildings that contributed to the German War Effort. It is true that the bombing had almost no effect on War Production. This is because Germany was forced to channel resources to the War Economy that would have otherwise gone to the soldiers. So in one form or another, it meant that Germany was stuck in an economic deadlock, whereas the Allies were increasing production every year.

What was it called in ww2 where planes dropped bombs on citys and towns?

Strategic bombing.

What was the purpose of strategic bombing?

firepower and showing off

Did the allies know of genocide taking place in Germany and Poland?

The Allies were aware of the attempts of Nazi Germany in its Final Solution on the Jewish people. President Roosevelt had opportunities to bomb concentration camps such as Auschwitz (Jewish lobbyists encouraged him to do so late in the war), but he declined because he did not want to cause civilian casualties and to focus on strategic bombing (destroying military related targets).

Why did the Russian genocide happen?

the Russian genocide happened because Hitler and the Nazis planned an unexpected bombing in Russia and caused a war.

What was the original purpose of the zeppelin airships?

Strategic bombing during WW1

During the war the US bombed North Vietnam and what other country?

Strategic bombing of the North; Tactical bombing in South Vietnam. Covert bombing in Laos/Cambodia.

Was strategic bombing worse than Nazi Death camps?

The total death count from the strategic bombing in ww2 was much lower, but the destruction was much more widespread. I would encourage you to read more about the Strategic bombing during World War II and make those decisions yourself. You can make arguments both ways on what worse really means.

What has the author Alfred C Mierzejewski written?

Alfred C. Mierzejewski has written: 'The collapse of the German war economy, 1944-1945' -- subject(s): 20th century, Aerial Bombing, Deutsche Reichsbahn (Germany), Deutsche Reichsbahn (Germany) - History - 20th century, Economic conditions, Germany, History, Railroad and state, Railroads and state, Strategic aspects, Strategic aspects of Germany, Transportation 'Ludwig Erhard'

Was the Japanese bombing at Pearl Harbor a genocide?

It was an air attack upon a naval base.

Bombs in world war 1 England v Germany?

The bombs in World War 1 were mostly between Germany and England. German troops used strategic bombing using aircraft that carried 20 pound of bomb on each.

Who was involved in Germany bombing England?

The populations of Germany and England

Who was bombing Britain in WW2?


What places were strategic bombing used in world war 2?

German and Japanese factories

What aspect of germany strategy was employed during both World war 1 and world war 2?

Germany strategy during the first and second world war was strategic bombing, use of chemical weapons and the massacre of civilians capable of fighting against them.

Did the bombing of Pearl Harbor have anything to do with the Holocaust?

No, the Japanese attack on the U.S. is unrelated to the Nazi genocide of the Jews.

Is street bombing considered a sport?


What has the author Michael Knight written?

Michael Knight has written: 'Strategic offensive air operations' -- subject(s): Aerial Bombing, Bombers, History, Strategic forces