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I believe anybody can afford to homeschool. Of course homeschooling highschoolers, and maybe junior highers can get expensive because they need a more formal education then the elementary level. If parents are homeschooling elementary school students then not much money is needed. This is because you can easily teach them all they need to know and more without the help of textbooks, etc. You can take your kids on a weekly trip to the library. Most homeschooled students learn a lot from just reading books of their choice from the library. The library is filled with books that will get kid's brains working. If your kids love to read fiction, that's great, but make sure they look through those non-fiction aisles too. You can take your kids on field trips, get a family pass to your local science museum. This pass should get you to not only get into that museum free, but hundreds of other science museums and children's museums in the US and in other parts of the world. Kids love to explore the world around them, they love field trips. Take your kids on nature walks, make sure they bring paper and pencils to take notes on, or draw what they see on. This will improve kid's drawing skills of nature, and also their appreciation and understanding of nature. The internet is a great resource for homeschoolers! With the internet you can find great resources and websites for homeschooling your kids. This is also another great way for kids to teach themselves. Kids love to learn on kids' homework helper websites etc. This is also a great way for them to do research for a report they are making. Keep those kids writing! Creative writing, report writing, biography writing, diary writing, log writing, nature study journal, etc. encourage it all! Hopefully this has sparkled up some creativity in your mind on how you can homeschool your kids with spending practically no money! p.s. Some of these ideas come from the Charlotte Mason curriculum.

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Q: Can parents afford to homeschool
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Are there any government grant programs for parents that homeschool their kids?

absolutely not. Education is a requirement a it private, public or homeschool. Parents do not get paid or funded to homeschool their children nor are their any tax break for homeschoolers.

Can your parents force you to homeschool?

yup suffer that

What do parents need to do to homeschool their children?

Homeschooling is regulated by the individual states. Google your state and "homeschool laws."

Where can I get information if I want to homeschool my children? has a lot of pertinent information for parents looking to homeschool their children.

What is the best homeschool curriculum for busy parents? is a site that has listed the best of the best curriculum types available for the parents who are busy.

Why is Jaden Smith homeschool?

Well maybe his parents did it for his safety

How do you spell homeschool?


Can you be 12 and homeschool yourself?

No. Your parents are legally responsible for your education until you are 18. This means that if they say they are 'homeschooling' you, then they are required to provide you with a suitable teacher (either themselves or another adult) you cannot homeschool yourself, although you can follow a homeschool program or curriculum which was provided by your parents by yourself.

Free Homeschool Curriculum Resources?

There are many free resources to help parents develop their own homeschool curricula. Many states will provide a free list of sources used in public schools if parents request one from the state Department of Education. The American Homeschool Association can put parents in touch with resources, and there are hundreds of websites devoted to offering parents and teachers free or highly discounted lesson plans, worksheets, and more.

Can single parents homeschool their children?

Absolutely! However, many single parents choose not to do this, due to the need to work to support their family.

Can a certified teacher homeschool you?

Yes. Your parents can say that they are homeschooling and then hire a certified teacher to teach you. Parents who are also certified teachers may homeschool their own children as well. However, in most places this is not required and parents may teach their children without any degree or legal certification.

Do your parents have to homeschool you?

Homeschooling laws are set by individual states. In some states a person other than a parent can be your homeschool "teacher". You can find these state laws at the Home School Legal Defense Association website.

Can you go to work and homeschool a child?

Yes i am homeschooled and my parents work! the school if you are thinking about homeschooling and work is

What is a sentence for afford?

I cannot afford a house that big.Maybe I can afford it in a few years.

What is the purpose of the homeschooling?

There are lots of reasons parents choose to homeschool their children. A lot of places offer homeschool support group meetings for parents and their children where they can meet once a week or whenever the group decides to have meetings. Here the children can socialize with other homeschooled children, go on field trips. And the parents can get tips and ideas and support to help them in their homeschooling.

How can you get free homeschool?

it's imposible to homeschool free!

Where are people that can give free homeschooling.?

There are not many people available that will provide homeschooling for no cost at all, as an alternative parents can homeschool their children using resources such as a local library, and contacting nearby schools for homeschool curriculum material.

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Do people homeschool there children?

Many people homeschool their children.

where can I find home school lesson plan resources?

At there are hundreds of Homeschool Writing Printables, Homeschool Unit Studies, Printable Homeschool Recordkeeping Sheets and Homeschool Calendars & Schedules.

What are home school conventions?

Homeschool parents go to these conventions where different homeshcool text books are displayed by different organizations.

What is the best homeschool software for parents?

The best homeschool software will depend on the grade and the subject. For example, for 2nd grade or higher, a good choice would be, Learning Language Arts through Literature. For science, a good choice would be, Alph Omega Compact Science. There are at least 50 top picks by parents.

Using The Internet For Homeschooling?

Homeschooling can be done online with great effectiveness. If your child works best in an environment outside of traditional public schools, but you cannot afford a tutor or cannot teach him/her yourself, online programs can provide a solution. Many online charter schools are free, but there are also a host of free resources online for homeschool students, which parents can use to create curricula, engage with other homeschool families, and get legal help if need.

What is a homeschool microscope?

Homeschool microscopes are microscopes used by students who attend homeschool, and they are easy to use. They cost around $300 to $400.

Where can we find a free placement test for Homeschool curriculums.?

You can try the National Homeschool alliance to find more information about homeschool curriculum.