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Q: Can parents get arrested for kids not going to school?
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What is the percentage of kids going to school in Greece?

95% depending on the parents

What Month Is The Best Month To Fly?

September. This is because kids are going back to school. Parents are home with their kids. And so much.

What does jolted back to reality mean?

back to reality: means that your back to your usual everyday doing. example: Kids... Going to school. Parents: Going to work.

Can homeschooled kids be arrested for doing school work at night and not durning the day?


How many kids stop going to school because of bulling?

200 kids stop going to school because of bulling.

What do kids get out of going to school?


Are you accountable if you know of parents who do not send their kids to school?


How many kids were arrested in the civil rights moment?

FIRST there were 973 kids arrested then there were 4,163 kids arrested

What did Ruby change?

Ruby bridges change her community because she keep on going to school even all those words they said to poor rubythen after then kids and parents got tired of yelling at ruby and started taking their kids to school.

Do parents or government pay for kids to go to school in Romania?

No kids have to there self !!that stinks

Why don't kids walk to school?

Ussaly they dont because you have to live in a mile of school to walk or parents are afraid that their kids will get hit

How do both parents working affect children?

Because they cannot drive their kids to school, hence kids will have to go to a school bus.