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Can parents press charges if you're 16 and your boyfriend is 17 and you're 4 months pregnant and you plan on getting married soon so you can move in with him and his family and is it legal in New York?


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July 20, 2007 5:28AM

The age of sexual consent in New York State is 17, therefore the parent(s) would be able to take action on behalf of their minor child. Those actions can include filing a report with authorities pertaining to the sexual relationship which has resulted in pregnancy and therefore cannot be denied. It would be up to the PA's office as to what if any action would be taken against the seventeen years old. The parents also have the option of using civil codes to obtain restitution for medical costs due to the pregnancy and care of the infant incurred and so forth. N.Y. does not have exceptions for pregnant minors in the marriage codes, a 16 years old pregnant or not must have the permission of both (or the custodial) parent(s) or legal guardian.

HELL no!!! not in the phillippines.. its ok just as long as you got her pregnant because you love her and not because of hornyness.. your just starting a family...