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Peer pressure creates stress, which has both mental and physical consequences.

And bowing to peer pressure and doing things that are not safe, such as alcohol, drugs, stunts and other activities can certainly result in physical harm and even death.

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Yes, in many different ways.

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Q: Can peer pressure hurt someone physically and mentally?
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To hurt someone is to physically and/or mentally injure them whether it's a simple paper cut or a full on stab...

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A bleeding white rose means that someone's hurt or they hurt someone else physically while a bleeding red rose means that someone has been hurt mentally.

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They might physically, mentally and verbally hurt you.

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because you die

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It depends how bad he hurt you and in which way. It also depends on whether he hurt you physically or mentally. I guess that he hurt you mentally, however if he did hurt you physically then NO WAY can you forgive him. Really its up to you, does this guy deserve a 2nd chance??? Its up to you to decide.

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It means hurt in your mind and your body.

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stress is a way that makes us very emotional, if you are under a lot of pressure seeing a councilor is very helpful. Another way being emotional happens is when you are hurt physically or mentally. ::::))))

What does your dream mean when you watch someone get physically hurt?

It could possibly mean that someone is your life is being hurt. It doesn't necessarily have to be physically, it could be mentally or psychologically too. You are just watching it happen and not doing anything about it. Or it could mean that you haven't noticed it yet and you need to slow down your life and take a look at everything around you. Hope that helps :)

How do you tell a friend not to hurt you mentally anymore but she thinks its a joke?

Avoid them. A person who harms you, either emotionally or physically, is no friend.

How many people where hurt physically or mentally in the 2004 boscastle flood?

no one it says No one was killed or seriously injured

How does mental and physical health interact with each other?

Mental and Physical health are linked and interact with each other in many ways. One way is how the body senses pain. Physically there is a cut on ones skin. Mentally that cut can hurt, cause pain and disgust someone. Mentally someone could want to be pregnant, if they think on it too much their body physically can change to make its self look pregnant.

Can demons hurt someone physically?

Three words dude: you need help

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if you are not sure if you hurt them either physically or mentally then ask them if they ignore you then chances are they are but you never know they might be upset with someone else and not want to talk to anyone so you have to wait a while it might even take a while like a week a day or even a month just give the person some time.

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It depends on where they are made. If the shirts were made in Nike Sweatshops, for example, then maybe someone was hurt mentally...

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No, they just get hurt physically and mentally from now to the end of Pretty Little Liars

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No but it will hurt you mentally

Are demons real can they hurt you?

it depends on religion but most would say yes they can hurt you and from many reports it shows that demons can hurt you both mentally and physically. common physical attacks would be scratches and bites and on rare occationspossesion where the victum's features change as well as their voice and suddenly have supernatural strength. mentally would be how the demon feeds on negative feelings. happy couples start fighting over things that they wouldn't if they were in the demon's presence and when they hurt you physically they leave you emotionally scarred also falling under the metal hurting.

Why do women run away from abused of homes?

Women run away from abusive homes because they are being hurt either physically or mentally and they do not deserve to be treated that way.

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