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Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is the influence of one's friends or social group on his or her decisions, often with negative effects.

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When does peer pressure occur?

It can happen at any time and any place. It can happen usually when there is a big gang of friends, and you're all doing something. Say your all sat on a park bench next to a main road, and all of the other kids say i know lets run across the road and back - for fun! Then you say "No! That's far too dangerous" - which it is. They all make you feel as thought you have to do...
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What is direct negative peer pressure?

Threatening to beat someone if they don't do as they're told. Or telling on you if they know you already did something wrogn. If you fall for this, they'll hold it over you for as long as they can, and in the end,will tell on you anyway. Tell on yourself and save yourself the stress. Also Negativeness not helping out. Positive peer pressure is like if a friend got an A in science you cheer them on or congratulate them. Negative peer...
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Why are girls threatened by other girls Beauty?

Well we girls love attention. We love to be loved and treated like a princesses, no matter how shy you are. We don't really feel threatened by other girls beauty, perhaps we are more then a little envious. We could feel a bit intimidated if the beautiful girl is showing a fancy towards the men we are dating. Sometimes girls feel threatened by other girls beauty because they tend to think of themselves as being "less" than that other girl because of her...
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Your friends are leaving you out and you are trying to get closer to other friends how can you make them know you want to be good friends with them and how do you drift away the mean friends?

if u want them to know you want to be good friends let them know the truth! to drist away from mean friends let them know how you feel towards them and dont bother to listen to them saying mean things if they do and stand up for everyone and be nice to them.... they might change if u let them know ...
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How do you address bullying at school?

First thing is to MAKE school officials aware of the problem. For instance, the school counselor, principle, any teachers. Also, parents needs to have the issue made known to them. Talk to anyone that will listen. Always involve a trusted adult. Discuss issues with a close friend. Make someone listen. If the issue is being made aware to several trusted individuals, the more likely the problem is to be taken seriously, rather than a record of just 1 (one) account of the...
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Why do people try to talk others into doing bad things they don't want to do?

There have been a number of studies about conformity and peer pressure. Often, the people trying to pressure you have their own doubts about the action they want you to take with them, and they are going to use "but everyone was doing it" as their excuse later on. Similarly, it is also human nature for many people to care more about the approval of the group than about doing the right thing. This is called "groupthink"-- when fitting in with...
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What does positive peer pressure mean to you?

Possitive peer pressure to me, means that you are "hanging out" with people that you can just be yourself with. People that you don't have to be "fake" around are the people you should "hang out" with. If you really want to be with those people then you will look for them, and if they are good for you they will be a positive peer. (: ...
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How not to succumb negative peer pressure?

It first helps to anticipate the problem if you do it will help you to either avoid it or confront it. Think about how you'll feel later if you go along with the crowd. If you've already made up your mind not to do something than be firm and show your conviction. Stand up for what you believe in! There's nothing wrong with that! Ignore them. If they confront you, walk away. If they attack, fight back. If even the teachers are...
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What are good questions to ask your best friend?

Here are a few questions you can ask: Personal questions: When were you born? Where were you born? What is your eye color? What is your full name? Would you ever smoke? Religion: What is your religion? What is your favorite verse of your holly book? Interests: Favorite type of music? Favorite bands/singers? Favorite songs? Favorite instrument? Favorite movies? Favorite actors? Favorite actresses? Favorite TV shows? Favorite kid TV shows? Favorite presenter? Favorite book? Favorite author? People who inspire you? Any pets? If so, what are their names? Talents? Biggest thrill in life? Relationships: How many friends have you had? Biggest secret? Usage: Favorite chocolate? Favorite soap? Favorite store? Type of...
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How can peer pressure affect your choices?

because your friends are the people pressuring you, you dont want to say no as they might not like you anymore. in thiss way peer pressure can effect your choises as you may feel that you have to say yesto whatever they want you to do. even if you dont want to do it. ...
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Why shouldn't you let peer pressure influence your decision?

Be cause if you did , you're not going to have a voice . It's okay to know their opinions about the situation , what they think about it and what they think you should do . But you have to listen to your self too . You have to know what you want , need and what you feel about the decision you should make or the thing you need an advice with or any other matter . Listening...
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Are lunch boxes cool for 12 year olds?

They are cool but when you get to age 13 not so much. A lunch box is not necessarily a matter of being cool as it is containing a lunch. In some cases, people prefer to bring their own food to school and other places. A lunch box is a great way to do that without wasting bags. If a 12 year old is concerned about looking uncool with a lunch box perhaps they simply need a new lunch box or...
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Why would a single man wear a wedding band?

Generally a single man that wears a wedding band (usually on the right hand) does so because it may have been his fathers or his mothers wedding band.) There may be the odd single man that is shy and it a way that he can excuse himself if caught in an awkward position if a woman comes onto him. Some men may be gay and although in some States gay marriages are not acceptable the couple feel they are married so...
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Why do you feel like someone is watching over you?

Whenever you may feel like someone is watching you it may be you making a uncomfortable feeling enter your mind because you may be lonely and in need of a companion, which is done subconsciously so you may think that someone is watching you but really its your conscience trying to make u feel as if someone cares about you enough to watch you, but if someone is in a relationship with you and you find that the relationship is empty...
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How can a fat guy look good at the pool?

A male who is over weight shouldn't wear bathing trunks that are too short, but wear the more popular ones that comes just above the knees. Buy these bathing trunks with stripes going doing (slims the body) or a pattern in a 'V shape' towards the crotch area and the upper leg as this pattern also slims down the body. Do not buy patterned bathing trunks as this emphasizes the person looking heavier than they really are. Safely work on a...
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How do you help someone become popular?

They just need to be themselves, dress appropriately-what works, not necessarily what's in if it doesn't look good, and they need to be open-minded and not judging or they won't get anywhere and they need to talk to people-not be shy, because that won't get them anywhere either. ...
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How do parents enhance gender development in their sons?

According to traditional Psych theory, a strong, moral male example and a loving mother can help a son want to be like his father. If the son loves his mother he will want to be like his father so that the mother and/or someone similar to his mother will love him back. A weak, emasculated father or no father at all fails to provide a son with a good roll model, and it may lead to gender ambivalence. ...
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Is peer pressure confined to adolescence?

No. Peer pressure is pressure from someone of equal social standing to yourself. Or rather it is someone you feel as though is your equal on some level, that is influencing you in some way. ...
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Is it acceptable for Lebanese men to have a mistress?

It is not acceptable for any one to have an affair, to cheat on their spouse. In some cultures, like in some countries in Africa, and The middle east, this is a criminal act against the law. ...
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How can you sneak into a prom without a date?

walk in with a bunch of people and then when someones ask you where is your date say prob in the restroom. and then slow dance with someone that you are good friends with n if they ask is that your bf or gf say dont ruin the moment.. ha good luck ...
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How do you face peer pressure?

just say no. I've been through alot of peer pressure and have more to come because I have 3 years of high school left. what really helped me was finding friends who could accept me for who I really was, people that I could be myself around and be comfortable around. people that never pressured me to do anything and I could tell things to without worrying about everyone finding out. it'll be hard at first I promise. (I lost all...
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What is peer approval?

Approval, or the thumbs up, by those of equal status to you, i.e. your peers. ...
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How many people get stereotyped?

Many people get stereotyped. It is very possible that we all get stereotyped at one time in our lives. Judging people is very common based on physical appearance. Labels are given by the way someone looks. This question could be more opinion but labels are given and received by everyone. ...
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What can be done to stop peer pressure?

Nothing can be stopped. No matter ware you are or what rules people make their is nothing you can do... but some advice i can give is that you know in your head right from wrong and you need to know your boundaries. and you stick to it and don't let people push that.. a trick to make some of the pressure go away is act confident and most people will leave you alone ...