Can personal property be seized from the president of a corporation that has a judgment against it?

No personal property of an indivual officer of a corporation may be seized to pay a corporate debt. This is so even if that individual is the person responsible for the claim against the corporation. As long as the judgment is against the corporation, only corporate assests may be seized. Sometimes plaintiffs in actions against corporations try to get judgments against the individual officers or shareholders as well as the corporation itself by means of a legal theory called "piercing the corporate veil". This is usually not successful. But even if the plaintiff were successful and got a judgment against the corporation and the individual, the individual's property would not be subject to seizure because of the judgment against the corporation. His/her property would be subject to seizure because there would be a judgment against him/her personally. This is the whole purpose of the corporate structure to begin with, that is, the ability to run a business without fear of personal liablity.