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Can piles be cured?

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Sure you can cure piles.

To cure piles naturally you need to change your diet and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and also to drink a lot of water.

You can also need to change some of your habits like - shorten your staying on the toilet.

There are great home remedies for hemorrhoids, do a little search in Google and you

will find (you can find an example on the attached link).

I strongly recommend you to see a doctor to verify that you have piles and not something else.

Good Luck!

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What are piles and can they be treated and cured with medication or surgery?

Piles are haemorrhoids which are easily treated with over the counter medications that will ease pain and swelling. Only in rare circumstances would surgery be necessary to eliminate piles. Piles seem to be much more common during pregnancy.

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Piles is not infectious.

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Medicinal uses of coconut husk dust?

Coconut Husk is burnt and its ash is used to treat piles, If one spoon of ash each time is taken with buttermilk daily 3 times (approx 1 Lt's per day), surprisingly any kind of piles are reduced or cured within 40 to 100 days. This is my personal experience. No harm in trying it before spending lots of amount for piles operations.

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Is piles a infectious disease?

Piles (A Swollen Hemorrhoid) is not a infectious disease.

Is egg hen good for piles?

No, hen eggs are not good for piles. It is recommended that people avoid any chicken products when having piles.

Caliper logging test for piles?

what is the tolerance for the caliper logging test for piles ?

What is the best ointment for piles?

Proctosydle 20 gms is the best ointment for piles .

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Can piles cause genital warts?

Piles don't cause genital warts, but the anal tags left by piles can easily be mistaken for genital warts.

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Is jogging good for piles?

yes, jogging is good for piles if u have piles best way to reduce it by using divya arshkalp vati (baba ramdev)

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