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Can plant seeds reproduce sexually?


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Some plants reproduce sexually, depending on the type. Plant seeds must grow into plants before they can reproduce.

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By spreading the seeds from the strawberry, which plant and grow

Asters can be reproduced sexually by seeds and asexually by dividing the plant.

Bottle-brush plants reproduce sexually through seeds.

To whomever wrote "assexually, for it is a plant" - well that was not a very astute answer. Many plants do reproduce asexually, but most produce sexually and produce seeds (the angiosperms). Cabbage reproduce sexually - they flower in their second year and produce seeds.

Iris reproduces sexually by seeds and asexually by dividing the tuber or rhyzome.

Conifers do blossom and produce seeds. That is sexually.

balsam plant reproduce by seeds

Hyacinths reproduce asexually by bulb division and sexually by seeds.

Mosses and ferns are plants which do not reproduce using seeds.

Spores do not reproduce by seeds. If it's plant head falls it starts the making of a new plant.

Wheat does reproduce sexually through seeds. They produce pollen in their stamens which fertilize the pistils to produce seeds. In a lot of plants pollen fills a similar role to semen in human males. Most plants have male and female parts, often on the same plant.

Cherry trees reproduce sexually, producing seeds (which are then enclosed in cherries).

Yes lilacs do flower and have seeds. Therefore it reproduces sexually. When the flower dies, it leaves behind seeds where the little flowers were.

The mustard plant drops seeds.

The function of seeds are for the plant to reproduce.

Gulmohar tree reproduces sexually through seeds.

A tomato plant reproduces with seeds. The fruit of the plant is filled with these seeds, and when the fruit falls to the ground the seeds will grow. People also harvest and plant these seeds.

No, some produce sexually.

Nonvascular plants do not have seeds. They reproduce sexually and asexually and are the simplest type of plants on land.

Flowering plants reproduce by seeds

A cotton plant reproduces through its seeds.

tomato plant reproduce by seeds if you really look into the tomato(also known as the plant ovary) it contains seeds (also known as the ovule).

Asexually. When plants reproduce, they don't have sex physically.

so they can reproduce. seeds are a plants reproductive unit

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