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The police do not have to actually have the warrant in their hands. All they need is to have knowledge that it was signed by a judge and issued and this info can come via phone or police radio.

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Q: Can police search a house while waiting on a search warrant?
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Can a police search your house if they are not looking for you?

If they have a search warrant, then yes.

Can police search your house when you have a warrant for your arrest?


Do you have to allow the police to search you house without a warrant?

no they do not

Can police search your house when you not home?

Yes, if they have a warrant.

How do you use search warrant in a sentence?

The police got a search warrent in order to search the suspect's house. The suspect would not allow the police to search his home without a search warrant.

Can the police search your house and property for someone who doesnt live with you?

The police can only search your house and property with a search warrant or with your permission. Contrary to the belief of most people, the police have no right to search your property for someone who does or doesn't live with you without a warrant.

Why should you get a search warrant?

Only the police can apply for a search warrant, and only a judge can approve of the search warrant. The police only apply for search warrants when they have reasonable suspicion that their suspect is hiding something illegal in his/her house.

Do you have to let the cops in your house?

If the police do not have a search warrant, you have the right to refuse letting them into your house.

A search warrant was issued to your friend house and your truck was there can it be search?

No, because the warrant is for the house and house only. Although police officers would probably still search the vehicle, only to use the warrant as an excuse for an illegal contraband hunt.

Does a police officer need a search warrant to enter my house?

Yes a police officer does need a warrant to come into your house, by force. But if the officer would ask to come in and you reply yes, he can come in without a warrant.

What does the forth amendment mean?

I'll give an example. When police come knocking at your door, demanding you to open up and let them search the house, you can say, "No, I need to see your search warrant." The police MUST have a search warrant in order to search your house and if they don't, you can kick them out! :) Hehe.

What allows police to search private homes?

Police can search a private home if they have a warrant to search a house. There may be some exceptions under the Patriot Act.

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