Can pregnant women sense if other women are pregnant?

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When women get pregnant why do some have larger stomachs than others?

\n. \n pregnancy is internal \n. \nFertility, ovulation etc. is based upon your reproductive system, ovaries, fallopian tubes & hormone level during ovulation each month. Previous abdominal surgeries, scar tissue, previous pegnancy's & type of delivery, history of endometriosis, etc. Medical h ( Full Answer )

How can women get pregnant?

She gets pregnant by intercourse sex when she is in her mature period and both she and her partner are fertility-wise qualified. The other method is 'artificial insemination'. By having sexual intercourse. AKA , sex.

Can you get a women pregnant?

Yes, I can and have. To get a woman pregnant, you simply have to fertilize the egg. Any time you have sex, there is a chance of conception. Some methods of birth control can reduce the risk to minimal (acceptable?) levels, but all require some percentage chance. For example, modern birth control ( Full Answer )

Why do women get pregnant?

Women get pregnant to deliver (give birth) to a newborn baby; thismay be a result of an unplanned pregnancy, or as a way of startinga new family with your wife.

Can a women get pregnant by two men?

No she cannot because male sperm cells literally "fight each other" on contact because you have about three different type of sperm cells attackers/kamakazi,deffendersand last but not least sprinters so yeah she can not get pregnant by two men

Can pregnant women ride bicycles?

It is beneficial to exercise while pregnant. You don't want to be starting out on your first bike ride when you are pregnant, but if you have been cycling before your pregnancy and you don't lose your sense of balance the way some pregnant women do, then by all means maintain your fitness level and ( Full Answer )

Can a women get pregnant from swallowing sperm?

No, not from swallowing; not at all. The stomach and uterus/ovaries are not connected in that way, and the stomach acids will digest any semen/sperm that it comes into contact with; just fyi, it's actually very nutritious and completely healthy to eat...for man or women.

Do men get signs when women get pregnant?

I don't believe so. The pregnancy is a stage going on in the womens body alone so the men don't really have a connection. That's the insensitive way of saying it. In other words there is nothing being connected to the male as such as theres no way they can get signs. I don't believe so. The ( Full Answer )

How do you get women pregnant?

Are u serious? That's 6th grade sex ed... A guy nuts/ejaculates inside the woman's vagina..

Can women with a penis get other women pregnant?

There are special cases in which a fetus is born with both the male organs (penis and testicles) and the female organ (vagina), but it is only the outside parts. The inside reproductive system is either primarily male or primarily female. There haven't been any cases in which a person with both gend ( Full Answer )

How does a women get pregnant?

Through unprotected intercourse, a woman becomes pregnant. The sperm from the male meets the egg in the uterus to fertilize it. This fertilization is the start of pregnancy. In the usual way, if that is not working and you really wish to get pregnant talk to your doctor who will have answers to all ( Full Answer )

Can women get pregnant from other women?

No. A woman can only get pregnant from intercourse with a MAN who has a PENIS. Sperm cells are required to impregnate a women. So unless we include a MtF transsexual woman who hasn't undergone surgery in the definition of a woman for the purposes of this question, then a woman cannot get another wom ( Full Answer )

What did they do to pregnant women in the concentration camps?

They probably left them for dead like all the other people they mistreated, or the baby probably died before being born from not reaching enough needs. Or the mother died first! - - But im pretty sure there wasn't a lot of pregnant women, there was no need to be doing that while they were in t ( Full Answer )

Why is being pregnant 'empowering' for women?

For some women, it is an amazing thing to have a child completely dependant on you, to be growing inside you (although I am a teenager so I wouldn't know first hand). Also the increase in horomones during prenancy make emotions more intense.

Is weed harmful to pregnant women?

You have to look at it this way : Would you let your newborn baby smoke a joint? Whatever you ingest, your unborn child is ingesting. Smoking can damage the development of your baby's brain, heart, and other vital organs. Just wait until after you have the baby (if you're not breastfeeding) to smo ( Full Answer )

Do pregnant women dream of fish?

Some people believe that if you dream of fish, someone or someone you know is pregnant. Its definitely not a fact, but it has been proven, on many occasions, to be true to those who believe. Although, you'd have to consider the possibilities of bazaar coincidences.

What happens to a pregnant women for her to have twins?

Twins can be identical or fraternal (monozygotic or dizygotic). For identical twins, one sperm fertilizes an egg. The zygote divides into two identical embryos. For fraternal twins, two separate eggs are fertilized. They both implant on the uterine wall, forming two zygotes.

How does a pregnant women have twins?

There are two ways a woman can have twins. One way is that a woman releases two eggs when she ovulates. When her and her partner have sex, both of the eggs become fertilized. The other way is after a woman has sex and the egg is fertilized, it divides in half. When the egg divides in half, this is w ( Full Answer )

What are recommended diet for pregnant women?

Hi, Firstly, you have to know that it isn't necessary to eat for two while your are pregnant for example in the first trimestre you need to eat only 300 kcals than usually and the second and third only 400 ! You need to eat proteins, this is important for your baby's brain, fat is really important ( Full Answer )

How come women do not have menstruation when they are pregnant?

Menstruation occurs because of a drop in the level of the hormone progesterone. Once an egg has been fertilized the level of progesterone stays high and does not drop unless the fetus is spontaneously aborted. The high progesterone level keeps the woman pregnant and keeps the lining of her uterus in ( Full Answer )

Why do you find pregnant women attractive?

If a guy is in love with his girlfriend who is pregnant then he will think she is attractive even when pregnant. In some cases more so! But the only reason he wouldn't want to have sex (which alot of guys become hesitant when they become pregnant) is because he would be afraid of hurting the unborn ( Full Answer )

Can pregnant women take methadone?

Pregnant women should not take methadone because it does have the same effects on the body as any other opiate. The only type of opiate medication that doctors say is safe to take while pregnant is hydrocodone, but hydrocodone shows up in a drug test and methadone does not.

How cen see the women has pregnant?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone present in the blood within about a week of conception. It is the hormone detected in a blood or urine pregnancy test, but it usually takes three to four weeks for levels of hCG to be high enough to be detected by home pregnancy tests. It is secreted b ( Full Answer )

Is pulstilla harmful for a pregnant women?

The homeopathic side can say one thing (not harmful) about this and the medical side another and as always when pregnant you should ask your doctor about all medicines you add during pregnancy and especially with homeopathic ones, herbs and such. Many are not tested and can interact with other medic ( Full Answer )

What problems do women have when they are pregnant?

In early pregnancy most of the women will have morning sickness, drowsiness and frequent urination. Later some women will have back pain and lack of sleep. But these are all different for every women and every pregnancy.

Can a pregnant women wear braces?

Yes, you just need to let your orthodontist know that you arepregnant so they don't use anything that is harmful for your babyduring the time.

How women get pregnant?

Women have sex cells called eggs, and men have sex cells called sperm. When a woman has unprotected sex with a man (ie she's not taking birth control and the man isn't using a condom) and one of the man's sperm cells enters the woman's egg, a fetus forms and the woman becomes pregnant. Some peopl ( Full Answer )

Can women get pregnant by men?

That is the only way women can get pregnant. Even the artificial methods start with a man in the process somewhere. Science has not quite figured out how to make viable semen from women's cells yet, though that is on the horizon.

How do men and women get pregnant?

Men can't ever get pregnant unless they were born with an intersex condition or FtM transsexualism. A woman gets pregnant when a sperm cell from a man attaches itself to one of her egg cells. That process is generally started with sex, though there are alternative medical procedures to use in cas ( Full Answer )

Is coke good for a pregnant women?

No. It is not bad for pregnant woman to eat the coke. But then as a physician i will like her to give pure coke in the form of burned out cane sugar on the pan.

Can autistic women get pregnant?

Autistic women can absolutely get pregnant. The fact that a person is on the Autism spectrum does not interfere with their ability to carry and raise children. Furthermore, being pregnant does not affect autism, nor does autism affect pregnancy as far as is known.

Do pregnant women have a lot of gas?

Depends where the baby is placed. I think it's an excuse for them to let loose (well that was the case in my house...).

Is belladonna safe for pregnant women?

No, belladonna should not be used in pregnancy. Belladonna cannot be recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding. There are reports that belladonna may increase the risk of malformations in the developing fetus. Evidence shows belladonna is excreted into breast milk, thereby increasing the ris ( Full Answer )

Can a women get pregnant immediately after her period?

Most women get pregnant between day 11 and day 21 of their cycle - because we are all unique and sperm health plays a part in conception, it is possible for a woman who has sex very early in her cycle to conceive up to five days after last intercourse.

How does fasting affect pregnant women?

It depends on the individual woman. Check with your own physician if you are planning to fast. He or she will review your medical history and your current state of health. Before opting to fast, it is important to ensure that you and your unborn child are healthy enough. For more in-depth informatio ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to dream about other pregnant women?

Vivid dreams of many sorts are common during pregnancy because of changing hormonal levels. Dreams of other pregnant women merely represent the recognition and acceptance of one's own pregnancy. See the link attached below for more information about dreams related to pregnancy and babies.