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Can ps3 take ps2 japan games and make them english?

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no most PS3 can not even play them

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What does it take to become an English teacher in Japan?

The only requirement is a university degree in any field.

When does the English Nintendo event for the azure flute take place?

It has not been decided yet because Diamond and Pearl are some very recent games. But you can go in a Nintendo Store in Japan to download it. It has not been decided yet because Diamond and Pearl are some very recent games. But you can go in a Nintendo Store in Japan to download it.

How do you get mew in Japan?

Ok so, you go on an airplane, fly to Japan, and look for Mew. Make sure to take pokeballs with you.

Why does it take so long for the English version of a game that was made in japan so long to get to America?

It has to do with the copyright laws and protection. Some games have to be changed to fit the American game models since in many cases the ones in Japan are more advanced than American models. So, that requires changes in the games or an updated game and this takes time.

Why did Japan want to take the South Pacific?

Yes. Japan wanted to make a great empire, so of course they would want to take over the south Pacific.

What does the Eiken Foundation of Japan fund?

The Eiken Foundation of Japan is a fifty year old establishment that funds projects to teach English. One of the many things that it does it to prepare individuals to take the International English Language Test for proficiency in the language.

Did the Japanese code use English alphabet and did the code intercept operators take down English alphabet?

Yes, they did. Like the alphabet here is ABCDEFFHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ so in japan its ¥£€#££€'

Why did the Japan take over Singapore?

Japan did not take over Singapore

How many years from when the English explorer John Cabot sailed to America did it take the English to make a settlement?


Why is japan trying to take dokdo?

Because even though they know its korean island they try to take it away by lying to the whole world and they want to make east sea(sea of korea) to sea of japan.

How many years from when the English explorer john Cabot sailed to America did it take the English to try to make a settlement?


Why didn't the olympic games take place in 1916 1940 and 1944?

The 1916 Games were cancelled due to World War I and the 1940 and 1944 Games were cancelled due to World War II.The 1940 Olympic Games Was Not HeldThe 1940 Olympic Games were originally scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan, but several countries planned to boycott the Games there because Japan was waging an aggressive war in Asia and then Japan itself decided the Games would be a distraction to their military goals. The Games were then rescheduled to be held in Helsinki, Finland, but the start of World War II in 1939 caused the Games to be cancelled.

What type of volcano is japan mount on take?

what type of volcano is japan mount on take and how is it formed

How do you get to Tokyo Japan from Iwakuni Japan?

You can drive or take a plane.

Can you change the language from Japanese subtitles to English on a japan imported PC game?

Depending on the game, the fan community might have released a custom patch to change the language. Otherwise, no. The reason Japanese games take time to come to the West is due to the need for the language to be translated and localised - they just don't tend to have English already programmed into them.

What can video games affect you in?

they can make you violent, rowdy and can make you take on the characters in the game thinking that they are real.

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you shove a dead cat up your bum and then take it out

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To take over kids brains and make money, or they just make them for adults. That's what I would say because my friend is obessed with inappropiate video games.

How long does it take to make a video game?

it depends on how much is being put into it. most games these days take an average of two years to make.

Where can you learn to make games with C programming on your computer?

Before learning to make games you need to take the basic C tutorials and work your way up from there.

What direction would you take to get from china and japan?

China to Japan-East Japan to China-West

When will they make a playable slifer the sky dragon?

No one knows yet. The playable Obelisk has came out and Ra will come out Christmas. It all depends on the maker. But once the playable slifer comes out in Japan, it's gonna take a while for it to come out in english.

Games where you can make a baby and take care of it?

i dont know what your talking about sorry

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Perhaps take him out to a movie or play games with him.

Can I play any electronic games on an airplane?

You can take these type of games with you but since it is an electrical device they will probably make you turn it off during take off and landing.

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