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yes because smoking is a stimulant

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Q: Can quitting smoking make you tired?
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Can quitting smoking cause a missed period?

No, quitting smoking can not cause a missed period.

Do smokers get breast cancer?

Yes, smokers can get breast cancer. Smoking increases your chances, but not smoking or quitting does not make you impervious to it.

Are legal smoking blends really helpful in quitting smoking?

Legal smoking blends may or may not be helpful for quitting smoking. The effect that they have depends greatly on the person and their readiness to quit.

Is quitting smoking bad for you?

Absolutely not. Continuing your habit is bad for you, quitting is good for you.

Is ringing in the ears a symptom of quitting smoking?


Can you reverse signs of aging from quitting smoking?

Stopping smoking will not get rid of wrinkles.However, it will allow you to breath easier, and will make whitening your teeth a winnable battle.

Can you get a blood clot after quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking will not cause you to suffer a blood clot. You can, of course, still have a blood clot, but it will not happen as a result of your failure to smoke.

Does smoking have affect on lung capacity?

Smoking can damage your lungs and make breathing difficult. The longer you smoke and the more you smoke, the more damage you do. Quitting can be hard, but there is help available. Not quitting can cause chronic symptoms and lifethreatening conditions. So this is what it should be.

That most people who start smoking think that they will someday have a difficult time quitting?

yes it will be hard quitting

Where can information on the benefits of quitting smoking be found?

While you can find a lot of benefits of quitting smoking on-line and in leaflets, the best advice and information is obtained from professional Doctors.

How many attempts does a smoker make before succeeding with quitting smoking?

as many times as it takes as many times as it takes

What does 'cessation' mean?

It is a noun that means the quitting, ending or ceasing of something. It is used frequently in regards to quitting smoking.