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Of course, they are similar to visible light waves, just a different wavelength and frequency.

Indeed, many electromagnetic waves (radio waves) can travel through solid objects and water depending on the frequency and the medium through which they travel.

If radio waves couldn't travel through the atmosphere, your radio wouldn't receive a signal, hence no music.

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Why can radio waves travel through space but sound waves can not?

Radio waves travel through empty space because they are electromagnetic waves, whereas sound is a wave that must travel through air.

Does water affect radio waves?

Radio waves can travel through water, just like they travel through air. Radio does not conduct well through water, however.

Can you start a sentence with a sound?

Sound waves travel through the air to my radio.

Does a medium travel with the mechanical wave or does the wave just travel through the medium?

A wave simply travels through the medium. Think of it this way: Radio waves are permeating every cubic inch of our planet every second of the day, moving from the radio tower to your radio, yet the air through which those waves are moving is not coming directly to your radio; the air is staying relatively still while the waves move through it to get to you. Or, think of it this way: If you're inside, when the radio waves travel through your wall to reach your radio, your wall does not come flying towards your radio with the waves; it stays where it is and the waves pass through it.

Why do astronauts use radio waves instead of sound waves to communicate in space?

sound needs something to travel through and space has no air for it to travel

Why do astronauts who land on moon talk through wireless sets using radio waves?

Sound needs air to travel through, and as there's no air on the moon. Astronauts have to use radios to talk to each other when in an envrionment without air. Radio waves travel through space and have no trouble traveling where there's no air.

Is a radio wave a mechanical wave?

No, a radio wave is not a mechanical wave. A radio wave is a form of electromagnetic (EM) energy, and it does not require a medium through which to travel like a mechanical wave does. Radio waves can travel through the vacuum of space. Let's contrast that with a mechanical wave.A mechanical wave involves the transfer of mechanical energy into and through a medium. Sound waves (which travel through air) and water waves (which move through water) are mechanical waves. They cannot travel without a medium through which to move.

Why can't we communicate in outer space?

We can if we use radio. Without it, sound waves can't travel through space because there is no air for it to travel through.

How sound waves can travel only in the air?

Sound waves can travel through gases (air), liquids, and solids. Sound waves travel fastest through solids.

Which travels faster-radio waves or sound waves?

Radio waves travel roughly 874 thousand times faster than sound waves travel in air.

How do the radio waves carry information?

Radio waves pass easily through air

Which gases does sound travel through?

Sound can travel as long as there is something for it to travel through. This could be a gas (such as air), a liquid (such as water) or a solid (such as a metal). In outer space there is no air for the sound to travel though, so astronauts can not talk with each other unless they use a radio. Radio waves and light waves can travel through space, that is why we are able to receive light from the sun. Source: www.examville.com

How is radio waves use in your everyday life?

to send radio waves through the air to make the radio work

What are the uses of radio waves in everyday life?

to send radio waves through the air to make the radio work

What speed do television waves travel in air?

If the information for television goes through the air, the waves used are electromagnetic waves; specifically of the type called RADIO WAVES.All electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light when in a vacuum: about 300,000 km/second. In air, the speed is almost the same as in a vacuum.

How fast does a radio wave travel?

Radio waves travel at the same speed that light does ... about 300,000 kilometers (186,000 miles) per second.Radio waves are an electromagnetic wave, and thus travel at "the speed of light". The speed of light is exactly 299,792,458 meters per second in a vacuum. However, radio waves traveling through other media, such as air, would slow it down. The speed of light through air is closer to 299,460,000 meters per second.

Can sound waves travel through wood?

Sound waves need matter to travel through, and wood is matter, so yes, sound waves travel through wood. They travel through wood faster than they do through air, as wood is denser than air.

Travel of sound waves through media other then air?

Answer: Sound waves can travel tthrough air, water and solid surfaces. The only thing that sound waves cannot travel through is void.

Why astronauts used radio waves rather than sound waves to communicate on the moon?

sound waves are mechanical waves that needs a medium such as air to travel through while radio waves are electromagnetic waves which doesn't need such medium to propagates. ofcourse there is air on the moon so may be the right answer is because astrounates cannot breath on the moon that's why they are using radio waves.

Waves that move through air can they be transverse?

Yes and no.Mechanical transverse waves require tightly packed medium such as in solid matter. Longitudinal waves, such as sound, can travel through solids or fluids (liquids and gases).Electromagnetic waves, which are often described as transverse waves but do not require any medium, can travel through air. EM waves include radio, micro, X-ray, visible light etc.

Which type of waves can be transmitted through vacuum?

Waves like sound waves require a medium (Matter... Ex. air or water) To travel through. Light waves, gravity waves, x-rays, heat, and radio waves are all EM (electromagnetic) waves, and can in a vacuum.

Which wave cannot travel through air or water?

THROUGH air or water transverse waves cannot travel. But on the surface of water transverse waves can be produced

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