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SIDS happens unsually in fall & winter months but it can happen in any season.

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Q: Can seasonality be one of the principal factors for SIDS?
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Can smoking cause SIDS?

Smoking doesn't cause SIDS. I lost a baby to SIDS in 2003 and I didn't smoke. There are remarks that it could be related but because no one knows what causes SIDS everyone just speculates.There is a strong correlation between parental smoking and SIDS.

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At what age does SIDS usually affect babies?

The affect of SIDS usally occurs between 2 and four months but can also occur any time between 1 month and one year of age. the effect of sids a great dent to the mothers heart.(not literlly) The mother and other family members will be in great grief over theeffect of sids on their infant child.

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No it is not!!! Not much is known about SIDS, but there is research looking into the possibility that it may have some genetic factors. SIDS is a blanket term and the way research is going, it may not have one definite cause. SIDS is used to catagorize all infant deaths in the United States from 1 month to 1 year for research purposes only. They are now delving deeper and broadening the spectrum to include Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood and many late term miscarriages and unexplained still births. In my case, we have had another SIDS death in my family. My grandparents lost their 6th child to SIDS 45 years ago. My daughter that died has a twin brother and we have since had another baby girl. I know that I have not answered your question, but the truth is, no one knows with certainty what the answer may be. God Bless. Forgive me, I mean it is used to catagorize all unexplained infant deaths, not all infant deaths. Forgive my mistake.

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