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Can seventeen year old boy marry his pregnant girlfriend with parental consent?


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Legally, yes. But I don't think many people would recommend it.

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With parental consent, all of them. Without parental consent, none of them.

The only way for him to marry his girlfriend is for her to be 18 and him to have parental consent or if she is under the age of 18 both would need parental consent. The male would have to be legally divorced from his parents otherwise.

Seventeen and a half is not eighteen. Until they are an adult, they need parental permission or a court order.

A minor must either have parental consent, or be emancipated, or have a court order allowing them to marry.

You need parental consent. GA used to allow pregnant minors to marry without parental consent, but they changed the law a few years ago, and they no longer allow it. (and in my opinion they should have changed the law long before they did)

No. Pregnant or not, you have to have parental consent if you are under the age of 18.

In the state of Texas you can leave home at the age of 17. (without parental consent; meaning with their permission)

No. You still need parental consent to get ungerage marrige pregnant or not. Unless you go to one of those states where it's legal to marry without parental consent.

The law may vary from place to place, but here a person sixteen or seventeen can get a tattoo only with parental consent.

yes, a minor should be able to get a tattoo in almost any state as long as there is parental consent.

A minor- pregnant or not- cannot marry without parental consent.

She would have to have a court order. Or get their permission to get married.

No. Pregnant or not, parental consent is required if you are under the age of 18.

Yes, with her parents' consent you can get married.

Yes you can, but with parental consent, and also depends on state or country you are from.

Actually this might come as a surprise to you that it is against the Law to move out with or without parental consent before you are 19.

No. Even with parental consent you couldn't do it. In order to marry in GA a minor must be at least 16 and have parental consent.

A sixteen or seventeen year old can get married in Illionois if they have parental permission.

No. Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor. You can leave home at 18 without parental consent. The only way you can leave prior to turning 18 without parental consent is if you

Certainly, you can live anywhere your parents will allow you to live.

Depends where you live.England you can get married at 16 with parental consent

You need parental consent to move until you are 18.

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