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no he will lose it to John Cena

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โˆ™ 2009-12-17 16:32:34
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Q: Can sheamus retain his title in royal rumble 2010?
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How many does titles sheamus have in his career?

Sheamus so far has 1 US champion Title 2 WWE champ title 1 world heavyweight title 1 king in the ring and one royal rumble

Who will win title from sheamus?

Either John Cena or Edge because Edge is going to return and win the 2010 royal rumble match

Will john cena ever get another title shot at Randy Orton?

if orton beats sheamus at the royal rumble orton will face cena in a wwe championshipmatch

What do you get for winning the Royal Rumble?

A shot at the title for any championship.

Who won the 2012 WWE rr?

Sheamus from Smackdown won the Royal Rumble 2012. He was the last man standing among the 30 superstars who competed in the match. As with all winners, Sheamus will go on to main event Wrestlemania where he will fight against Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight title

Who is the number 1 contender for the WWE championship at the 2009 royal rumble?

EDGE the next wwe champ ^^^^^^^ No Edge is out with an achillies heal injurie and will return for WM 26 it will be John Cena vs Sheamus for The title

Did John Cena win the title back at the 2006 WWE Royal Rumble?

He clearly won it at Royal Rumble. YES edge is a loser

Who won the WWE royalrumble 2012?

Sheamus won the Royal Rumble match. The other winners in the pay per view were: 1. CM Punk defended his WWE title and won 2. Daniel Bryan defended his World Heavyweight title and won

When will cm punk lose his WWE title and from whom?

yes,he will lose his wwe title at royal rumble from the rock. John cena will win the royal rumble match and win the wwe title from rock at wrestlmania 29.

Was WWE ryback supposed to fight cm punk at the royal rumble 2013?

No. The Rock was booked months in advance for a WWE title shot at Royal Rumble.

Wwe What was sheamus first title?

The first title that Sheamus won was the Wwe Championship.

Who will win royal rumble match of 2011?

Determining Royal Rumble 2011 winner is really tough analysis. World Wrestling Entertainment already showed list of Royal Rumble participants in official video promo. Everyone deserves to be Royal Rumble winner to get the title shot at WrestleMania. Similarly every professional wrestling superstar also announces that I am the winner of Royal Rumble before 30 Men Battle Royal. However there is only one superstar who gets the title shot opportunity at WrestleMania XXVII. As per World Wrestling Entertainment history, we can't determine Royal Rumble 2011 but it will be revealed on January 30, 2011.

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