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No... Not really, it's not generally a breed they use.

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Q: Can shetland sheepdogs be used for police work?
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What were Shetland pony bread for?

Shetland pony, breed of horse popular as a child's pet and mount. Originating in the Shetland Islands, Scotland, the breed is adapted to the islands' harsh climate and scant food supply. Shetlands were used as pack horses and in about 1850 were taken to England to work in the coal mines.

In America what do they use mini shetland for?

Now they're mostly used for enjoyment like driving, childrens mounts, pasture buddiest, ect. However, they used to be used to work in mines.

What is chromatography used in police work?

When somebody gets pushed into a lake!

What are Doberman dogs are used for?

Police work, army and guard dogs

What is the work of a police station?

A police station, sometimes called a station house, is a building used to hold both police officers as well as staff members The work of the police station includes facilitating interrogations and temporarily holding prisoners.

How does the shetland ponies life cycle work?

The Shetland ponies life cycle works in much the same way as other horses. They are born, grow up, reproduce, and die.

What do you need to work with the dogs at police?

you need to be a police officer and be trained to work with police dogs.

Where do you work when you are a police man?

The police either work in the community, on patrol and responding to emergencies, or they are at the police station doing administrative work.

How were the sheltland pony used in the 30s?

Shetland ponies were used in the coal mines to pull the coal carts out of the mine shafts. There small size and pulling power made the miner's work much easier.

Do police detectives work at the police department or a private office?

Police Detectives work out of police departments. Private Detectives or Private Investigators work out of private offices.

Where do police officer work?

police station

Do police officers and other government officials have to take random drug screens.?

yes they do! i used to work at new iberia police dept.

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