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for the ''sims 2 pets'' for pc, sims can have babies but for ''the sims 2'' for playstation 2, you cant have babies

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โˆ™ 2009-06-04 21:55:15
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Q: Can sims on sims 2 pets have a baby?
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Can you have a baby on the sims 2 pets ps2?

no you cant have a baby in sims 2 pets ps2 but your dogs can!

How do you have a baby on sims 2 pets?

On Sims 2 Pets to make the pets have a baby you need to buy a dog house and get two dogs to like each other then click on the dog and it will say breed and then you click then you click breed with so and so [the other dog] then youll need to turn the sound on and if it plays a beautiful little tune then the Female dog is Pregnant.

Can sims on sims pets 2 for wii have a baby?

No. Sims 2 pets for the Wii, Sims cannot have babies.

On sims 2 pets for ps2 can you have a baby?

you can't have a human baby but the way you can have an alien baby is by looking out a telescope at like 7 at night they will obduct you and get you pregnant ( even male sims can get pregnant when obducted )

How do you get a sim baby on The Sims 2 pets?

you can't have a baby in the sims 2 pets its only in the sims 2 life stories,the sims 2 apartment life,the sims 2 seasons, and the sims 2 university

How do you get baby on sims 2 pets PS2?

for the PS2 version of the sims 2 pets, your sims can not have any babies.

How do have a baby on sims pets2?

human sims can't have a baby on the sims 2 pets for the PS2

How do you have baby in the sims 2 pets PS2?

you cannot get pregnant on sims 2 pets because there is no things for babys the game is for pets and adult sims

Can you have a sim baby in sims 2 pets?

no only in sims 2 for the PC

Can you have a baby on the sims 2 pets?

In Sims 2 PC, you can do anything in the expansion packs that you can do in the base game. Your Sims can adopt or have a baby together. You may also breed your pets for puppies and kittens with Pets.

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