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Q: Can skinny girls get love handles?
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Are emo girls skinny?

Most emo girls are pretty skinny. People concider me emo & I em a little skinny. And I DO love food xD

How do you get fat for skinny teen girls?

Girls whom are teenagers are affected mostly by appearance during puberty and this is how girls develop low self esteem.If a girl is skinny she should learn to love herself the way she is cause there is no way a girl whose skinny get fat.Sometimes it possible but rarely though genes.So if your skinny love yourself that way.

Does Justin Bieber love fat girls or skinny girls better?

As you see in his music videos there are mostly slim girls in the picture. But you may wonder what does he really like? there is a possibility he likes skinny girls

Does prodigy like thick and skinny girls?

prodigy would love any type of girls thick skinny fat as long as she have a cool personality confident smart and have her own sense of style and love him for he is :-)

Should skinny girls and bigger boys date?

It All Depends On Who You Love .

Are teenage girls influenced by skinny girls?

IM a gurlly. and im not the skinniest girl.... im chubby but noot too chubby and i see that...but biger girls than me get angry when i say i wish i was skinny:( i think most larger girls think that they have to look like that. skinny. to be beautiful. but i also think that skinny girls sometimes wish their bodys were diffrent also. many girls do. we all find our own flaws. perosnaly i would love to be skinny but it wouldn't be me... we are made the way were ment to be.

If you're pretty thin but have love handles is that bad?

No that's not bad. They call'em love handles for a reason, you know? Guys don't like annerexic girls and girls like well nourished guys. Be comfortable with who you are, and if you aren't then hit up the gym and get the way you want to be.

Does Nick Jonas like shinny girls?

Do you mean "skinny"? I mean...yes and no. He doesnt care if his girlfriend is fat or skinny. He'll love her either way.

Does ray ray like skinny girls or fat girls?

he like skinny girl or kind of big or kind of skinny like me

Does princeton from mindless behavior like fat girls or skinny girls?

He like girl that can be fat or. Skinny

What jeans have a w on the back pocket They are skinny girls jeans?

Wranglers ? ps: skinny girls rule !

Does bow wow like skinny girls?

yes. although he claims in rap to like big girls, he always dates skinny girls.