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Insted of sand try dirt! It's better for the snails!

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How do you keep a grass hopper alive?

put it in a container with holes and feed it a lot

What rabbits eat and live?

Rabbits eat leaves and grass. They live in holes and lay in the grass. If they are kept as a pet they will stay in a pen, eat celery, carrots, and lettuce.

How do you look after a garden snail - what do they eat where do they live and where do i keep them?

First, you need to buy or find a container around 30cm wide and 20cm long.Then, you need to chuck some grass, flowers, mud and leaves in.( Also a stick so the snails can play).Then place in some lettuce or cabbage for their food and also some cucumber or tomato as a treat.Clean your snails often with a toothbrush or a tissue very very softly, as this can damage their shells. DO NOT BRUSH THEIR SKIN, AS THEY LOVE IT TO BE DIRTY.Make sure the snails have a damp tissue so they can drink also a small container full of water, not too deep so the snails can bathe.Oh, remember the container MUST have air holes due to the fact they wont be able to breath.also they can have up to 2,000 eggsHope these little notes help and hope the snails have a perfect owner ;)Have fun with your small critters!!!:Phope you have a nice time

Do snails harm a garden?

Snails can be quite a pest for a garden, and gardeners usually don't like them (though in my opinion I think they're cute, or maybe that's because I take care of them right now.). This is because garden snails usually eat holes into plants, especially vegetable gardens, like lettuce. So I should say that snails DO harm a garden.

Can different types of snails live together?

Yes they can it won't kill them or anything just get a container with a lid and poke holes in it and no big to we're they can get out and put dirt in it and get it wet then tear some grass off the grown and put is in there and it is now livable for them but be sure to put water in it every 3 days

When will gas rush out of its container?

When the container is not sealed or holes and pores exist.

What insect is causing holes in your hosta?

Slugs, snails, and black vine weevils may be putting holes in your hosta.

What container should you put a caterpillar in?

uh....well, i always put them in like....a plastic pickle jar with holes in the lid......and like....grass and twigs and leaves and stuff in there for 'em

What is the best container for having a pet snail?

A box with holes in it.

Where do frogs or toads hide at night?

They hide in holes. in larng grass holes and under cabins

Do raccoons dig holes in grass?

Yes, they dig holes in lawns as they search for earthworms and grubs.

How do you make a grasshopper's habitat?

well i had a container big enough for it, put in grass bedding, some sticks to climb on, some leaves(but different kinds and) lid with holes so it can breathe, maybe some carrots and carrot stems. i did this to my grass hopper habitat. (this is you are keeping one, i have one)

For a pet where should you keep a grasshopper?

In a jar or container with poked holes in it...but of course to add stule decorate the jar or container....

How do you make a mouse cage out of a plastic storage container?

you put holes in the lid and three holes in the side the holes in the side are for the water bottle for the spout 2 for the wire put whatever beding you have on the florr of the container and add all the toys dens and stuff afterwards

How do you make a home made Fry Saver for goldfish?

I use a small container. Poke some holes on one side of the container and stick a aquarium sponge to cover the holes so that the goldfish fry don't escape out. The container is then attached to the inside of the main tank. Then place an airstone to aerated the container that house the fry.

Why are moles a problem in grass?

They did holes which messes up the lawn.

How can you find a bunny?

you can find bunnies in grass in holes and burrows

Do grass hoppers dig holes?

yes they do big hole

What would you include in a container for snails?

If you want to keep snails as pets then you will need:a sutible containera sprayercuttle fish bonefoodsoilbark/twigsIf your snail is a fully grown garden snail I would suggest that you get a 3.5-4.0 litre container, drill some holes at the top so your snail can breathe (make sure your snail can't escape through the holes though, if you think it can then get an old pair of thin tights (15 dernier is good) and cover the holes). For african land snail you would need considribly larger.Snails like warm moist conditions, I suggest that you buy a sprayer and set it to mist, when sprayed from a distance little droplets will form on the container which is perfect for a snail. The soil help keep the tank warm by radiating a small amount of warmth.For decoration and a play area for your snail you can find some twigs in your garden/park. Only choose things that is natural for your snail.It is very important that you choose the right food for your snail, Cuttle fish bone is a must and any natural chalk that you find will be good to. Generally, snails like to eat vegetables, this is true but they can't have any chemicals on them or your snail will die.

Why are digging up holes and piosoning snails bad for the song thrush?

Because the song thrush eat snails and things that live in hedges ,so poisoning snails and cutting down hedges wont help the song thrush to survive.

What is a porous container?

Well porous means it has holes in it, for example spongebob. And a porous container is probally like a container that has holes in it or indents that dont make a full hole. Like if it was a cup and you put water in it it would flow out. But if it was indented that looked like a circle that can pass as porous too.

Why do gardeners dislike snails?

Gardeners usually dislike snails because the snails would eat the leaves off plants and leave holes behind and harm the plants. They are great pests to gardeners (though I enjoy taking these snails into captivity and taking care of them) due to their great harm to plants, really.

What habbitat does a mouse have?

Small Holes on Houses or outside in heeps of Grass

What clothes did the people of the Zhou Dynasty wear?

they wore lettuce around their neck like a necklace by poking tiny/medium sized holes and pt string through the hole that they made on eachpieceof lettuce they wore 5 and morepieces of lettuce this was an important tradition

How do you keep stink bugs off your squash?

Poision. If you are an organic farmer, put a plastic bowl or container over it and poke tiny holes in the container.

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