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Will sodium and potassium form an ionic compound?

No. They both are looking to lose an electron. One will bond with an element that will take that electron. Potassium and iodine will form ionic bonds.

Sodium and chlorine form a bond when what?

There is a bond in sodium chloride. It is a ionic bond.

Does potassium and fluorine form an ionic bond?

Yes, they form an ionic bond.

Why doesn't potassium and helium form an ionic bond?

because potassium is the total opposite of ionic bond

Is potassium atom and a fluorine atom is covalent or ionic bond?

Potassium and fluorine will form an ionic bond

Does potassium form an ionic or covalent bond?


Does potassium form ionic or covalent bond?


Will potassium sulfur form an ionic bond?

Potassium and sulfur will form potassium sulfide, K2S, which is ionic in nature.

Is sodium and potassium an ionic bond?

No; if mixed together, they would form metallic bonds (as they are both metals).

Is Potassium-Chlorine a predominantly ionic bond?

Oh yes, potassium and chlorine form an ionic bond.

Sodium and chlorine bond to form sodium chloride Which type of compound is sodium chloride?

It is an ionic compound. The bond between sodium and Chlorine is an ionic bond.

Bond forming between potassium and bromine?

Potassium and bromine will form an ionic bond.

What kind of bond does potassium sulfate form?

It will be an Ionic Bond.

What kind of bond will potassium and nitrogen form?

ionic bond

Can sodium form an ionic bond?

Yes, all sodium compounds are ionic.

How does sodium and chloride bond to form salt?

Sodium chloride has an ionic bond.

Is Na an ionic bond?

Sodium can form an ionic bond, but sodium (Na) is an element from the alkali metals group.

Can sodium and chloride form ionic bond?

Yes, sodium chloride has ionic bonds.

What type of bond will sodium and Chlorine form?

Ionic bond

What bond will form between potassium and fluorine diagrams?

Ionic bond

Why sodium and potassium will or will not react to form a bond with each other?

Potassium has a chloride mixture which makes it so sodium interacts easily with it to form the bond

What is the nature of the bond between sodium and chlorine?

Sodium and chlorine form an ionic bond.

What type of bond will form between sodium and chlorine?

The bond in sodium chloride is ionic.

What type of bond does Potassium Bromide form?


Will lithium and potassium form an ionic bond?