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Can solgiers vote?

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Name two purpose for the forts on the Oregon trail?

To house the solgiers protecting the westward heading settlers and at times protect the settlers from the people who owned the land.

What does a vote of not voting mean?

If you vote you vote and if you do not vote then you do not vote

Does anybody get your vote if you dont vote?

Obviously not , you have to vote for them to get your vote.

Why should you vote if the electoral vote is the deciding vote?

Your vote (in theory) helps to decide the electoral vote.

Which vote the electoral vote or the popular vote determines who becomes president?

The electoral vote.

Where and when can you vote?

eny time you can vote you have to be a member if you vote

Can you vote in Oman?

Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.Yes, people can vote in Oman.

What happens to your vote if you forget to vote?

Nothing happens to your vote. If you don't vote there is just one less vote for them to count at the end of what is being voted for. EH... If you dont vote, then you dont vote! Nothing happens... 3XQ'S

What does vote early and vote often mean?

It means you can vote before the Election Day and to vote when there is an election. Only one out of 3 people who can vote don’t vote. When people don’t vote they leave the decisions to others.

What is an assenting vote?

It is a "yes" vote. a vote "in favor of" the motion.

Why it is important to vote?

It is important to vote because we have the obligation to vote

Do Bahamians vote?

Of course they vote. Everyone has the right to vote.

Why Do you Vote When you Vote?

You vote so that you can have your say in an election or proposal

What vote is necessary to impeach?

Majority vote in the house Majority vote in the house Majority vote in the house

Why do you vote if electoral vote wins?

The popular vote in each state determines who that state's electors will vote for.

What is the difference between popular vote for a senator and electoral vote vote for president?

the popular vote is by everybody. the electoral vote is by electoral colleges, which not everyone is in

What do the people vote for when they vote for president?

A vote for president is actually a vote for a person who promises to cast an electoral college vote for the candidate being voted for.

What is vote denial?

vote denial - refusing to let a person vote

When can the Lieutenant Governor vote for the Senate?

His vote is counted as the last vote

Is an unanimous vote correct or a unanimous vote?

An unanimous vote is correct.

Who does the citizens vote for in Russia?

whoever they want to vote for but they are forced to vote

Do people really vote for the president?

No, the vote for president is called the popular vote and that does not count. When you cast your vote for president, you are actually voting for the electors to vote for the president.

Why is it important to vote?

It's important to vote because we have the right to vote. You should also vote because if you want someone to win an election you might be the deciding vote. If the people who did vote for George W .Bush didn't go and vote for him he might not have become president. That's why it is important to vote. Also if you are 18 or above you are encouraged to go vote.

What is an example of republicanism in the constitution?

To be able to vote for something such as vote for president or a class room vote would be vote for class monitor anything where you have to vote on something is counted as this.

Does Zimbabwe vote?

Yes, Zimbabwean vote. They have the right to vote. Before, they have to fight for their rights to vote. They have a lot wars going on.