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Can some one please rate my alien deck?


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January 20, 2008 10:53PM

this is my alien deck so plz try and rate it: monsters 20: alien telepath x2 alien grey x3 alien shocktrooper x2 alien warrior x1 alien skull x3 alien infiltrator x1 cosmic horror gangi'el x2 alien mother x2 alien hunter x3 flying saucer muusik'i x1 spell cards 11: brain control x1 premature burial x1 otherworld - the "A" zone x1 corruption cell "A" x3 reload x1 nobalman of crossout x1 "A" cel breeding device x1 creature swap x1 mistical space typhoon x1 traps 9: orbital bombardment x1 brain washing beam x3 crop circles x1 trap hole x1 mass hypnosis x1 call of the haunted x1 cell explosion virus x1 and thats it so i hope someone can help plz rate it out of 10 thx....