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No, as Club Penguin does not allow you to speak numbers, then you could not possibly tell them a card number. Although you could say the number in words, and this would work.

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What is club penguin game card number that is unused?

An unused club penguin card number is 4204-5677-8162-8503.

How do you get in the secret place inside the HQ in club penguin?

You have to buy a Club Penguin video game and it will come with a card. Enter the card number into the unlock items box.

What are the Club Penguin card series?

Here They are: Series 1: Club Penguin Trading Card Game Series 2: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Series 3: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Fire Series 4: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Water Series 5: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Second Wave Series 6: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Snow Series 7: Club Penguin Card Jitsu Shadow

What is the newest Club Penguin game?

The newest club penguin game is card jitsu fire only for members though if u are a ninja !

How do you be an epf agent?

You need the club penguin DS game to do it. In the box of the club penguin ds game box, you will find a card with a code. That's your key.

What is a club penguin game card PIN?

A pin number is a code on your membership card that you have to activate.Sometimes you can't find the pin number because you didn't scratch a GREY thing(not you).

What is a gamecard?

Well in club penguin a game card is a card that you buy and then you can activate it with its code to get membership.

How do you get unbanned in Club Penguin?

club penguin is an online game. meaning you can ban evade by changing your ip number

How do you become a member on club penguin with a game card number now?

you click on the thing to put the code and type your code in when you log in

How you be a member in club penguin?

You need a online membership, a game card or a certificate

How do you get the black epf puffle in club penguin?

You buy the game Club penguin Herbert's revenge for the Nintendo DS, the booklet or the back of the game card should have a code you can use.

Can you buy a Membership on Club penguin without using a credit card?

well kid i used to play it and u dont have to use a credit card you can just go buy a club penguin game card

How do you put membership on Club Penguin with an ultimate game card?

Unfortunately you cannot. Club Penguin doesn't allow Ultimate Game Cards to be used. Don't worry, I tried myself. Because I had already bought the card, I just used it on another game called Fantage.. but stick with Club Penguin. They are way better... I think. For Club Penguin, you are only allowed to use their game cards (I bought mine from Walmart) or a Gift Certificate.

When is Club Penguin card jitsu fire game coming out?

card jitsu fire is coming out 24th November

How do you power cards on Club Penguin?

I HAVE POWER CARDS on Club Penguin and I NEVER lost ONE game of "CARD JIT-SU" I am a black belt AND I bought them

How do you get into the woddrob in Club Penguin?

you have to have the ds club penguin game

What game has a shark in it in Club Penguin?

In the Club Penguin game u get it bi clicking on it.

What game has a shark in it on Club Penguin?

Ice Fishing has a shark in it on the game Club Penguin.

Game clubs simallar to Club Penguin?

Panfu is a game that is the same as Club Penguin.

You do not have a club penguin elite penguin force code card in your game box what should you do?

Send back the game and ask for another or complain on the helpline which is in the box.

Is there a Club Penguin video game?

There are 3 different games: Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force - DS Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge - DS Club Penguin: Game Day - Wii

Who can make you a game like club penguin?

To make a game like Club Penguin, you have to make a game like Club Penguin! Sheesh I can't believe you didnt' know that!

How do you get a Club Penguin certificate or gamecard?

you need to buy the game card but I'm not sure where to get the certificate...

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