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well,your computer can be slower since you would be taking up memory.

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Is the internet a bad thing and why?

some people can go on pornographic material or bad things. the internet can be a bad thing because it can have pornographic material and alot of violence

What are some bad thing about coal?

Some of the bad things about coal are that it pollutes the air and it also kills the ozon layers.

What are some bad things about Taiwan?

The traffic, pollution, dirtiness, and climate can also be counted as a bad thing.

What are some good and bad things about MySpace?

Well there are lots of good and bad thing about myspace. For example one good thing is that you ca communicate with your friends and family , but the bad thing is that people can add you as a friend and you don't know them.See there are lots of good and bad things about myspace. :)

Why do people do silly things?

They do silly things because their mind has some kind of problem maybe somthing that happened .. some thing bad...

Are cartoons good?

Well some cartoons are good and some are bad because some bad cartoons always has bad language or bad things in it.Some cartoons are good because some times they don't even have a bad thing on it.

Good or bad things about student loans?

the good thing is you can get in fast the bad is you gotta pay all that back and some

Bad things of isolationism?

One of the bad things of isolationism is that it can lead to bad things happening in other countries. These bad things can at some point impact your own country. Another bad thing about it is that it can lead a country to not really understand what is happening in other parts of the world. This can be dangerous.

What a bad thing about being a pediatricians?

one thing that is bad about a pediatrician is their pay which rarely anything but you do have some good things such as kids like who dosent like kids

Why do some websites have to have bad things on them?

If a website has "bad thing", it's usually because the website's owner doesn't think they're bad and wants them to be there.

Why do people post inappropriate things online?

well some people post bad things on the internet to get others to do the same thing and other times it is just to be bad.

The bad things and the good things about fashion?

Bad thing- Unfortunatly fashion can get expensive. Good Thing- Well fashion makes me happy so i guess that can be a good thing

What happens to a potato when you freeze it?

Bad things my friend... Bad thing

What are some bad things floods can cause?

a bad thing about a flood is that a flood can block the roads from trucks with our food from getting to our local shops

What are the bad things about twitter?

There is no bad thing about Twitter, only people make it bad.

What were some bad things about Rosa parks?

The only thing that I can come up with is that she commited an act of civil disobedience. She did this by not giving up her seat on the bus, which was a very bad thing at the time.

What are some bad things that William McKinley did?

what are some bad things William McKinley did

What are some bad things about terrorism?

Some bad things? There is nothing good about terrorism.. It's all bad!

What is a good thing and bad thing about steroids?

Simply stated: Good things: You will get stronger, bigger and faster. Bad things: The risk of negative side effects.

What are some of the bad things about online shopping?

one major thing that is bad about shopping online is that you do now know who is receiving personal information that you send out.

Did john Lennon do bad things?

yes, he did some bad things

What does a broom mean in a dream?

Broom means a thing which cleans bad things. Bad thing could be in the mind . Bad thing could also be in the real life of the person.

If you download anything from the internet does it prevent bad things?

Well, you can limit the number of malware ("bad things") by having a decent firewall and antivirus program.

Bad things about cars?

A bad thing about a car/cars is they cause pollution and that's bad for the earth. Another thing is it costs a lot of money. =/

Are kids and guns a good thing or a bad thing?

Kids with guns is a very bad thing. Kids could do crazy and harmful things with guns.

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