Can someone apply for a credit card if they only have an ITIN?

Possible Answer

yes and they will tell you if that is sufficient.

Let me elaborate on this answer, if I may.

You will need to consider establishing a secured credit card using your ITIN since the bank will not be able to "pull" a credit report for an ITIN user.

Some banks, such as Bank of America, allows you to open an bank account - and even transfer funds to other countries using an ITIN. Therefore, as long as you have the proper Identification - such as your passport and a secondary picture ID from your country of origin - you should be able to get a bank account along with a secured credit card.

You'll have to deposit some funds to start the secured credit card but after 12 months - your credit limit will increase above your savings portion. This will help you get along with the credit world.

But the best way to develop credit is by paying your household bills on-time. As long as you have proof that you have paid at least 3 to 4 household bills on time for 12 months - you could even purchase a home in the USA.